Our Clients Say It Best...

I just want to thank you so much for all you have done for me and my family. This was such a great help to get all of my brother’s personal items from his garage. I am so glad Tim thought to call you! You and your crew are amazing! - Sincerely, Karen Talbot, 10/6/2023

When I needed to move to a smaller home, the task of clearing out all of our "stuff" that we had collected during 59 years of marriage was overwhelming. When Tony said that he could take all of the things that we needed to get rid of, it was a relief. His crew was friendly and polite. We marked all of the things that we did not want them to take. They always asked us if they were not sure of the markings. It helped me to move on to the selling of the house. So, thank you, Tony and crew! - Carolyn Iverson, 3/3/2023

Tony and his crew just wrapped up a clean-out project for me and my fiancé to prepare for a move from my home of 45 years. My family and I had been slowly working on this project for several years with no end in sight. When Tony and his crew took over the bulk of the project was completed in roughly four and a half hours on the first day and two hours on the second day. There was absolutely nothing left to get rid of in two garages, the basement and two floors of my two-story house but sweep the floors. I was extremely happy with the results. A lot of the items they cleaned out were accumulated junk that they would have to dispose of as trash, but when they weren't sure about an item they checked to make sure we really wanted it taken away. I recommended Tony and his crew to my realtor knowing that she had clients that could benefit from Tony's expertise on projects like mine. - Phil Picton , 12/13/2022

Thank you so much for the great job you all did emptying our home so it could be sold. With our three-story home this was not an easy task, and we got our money’s worth and more. Judy and I would just like to say how much we appreciated your team’s friendliness and their respect for our home. It was also thoughtful of you to call us when you found some items that you thought we may have wanted to keep. I also appreciated that you sold all my guns and ammunition at no charge. Thanks again. - Peter Croy

I just received my 2nd check from you for money that you found in my Aunt's personal belongings. The first check was quite a surprise, but the second one was amazing - thank you for being such an honest person and company. - P. Y.

I have known Tony and Denise as friends and as colleagues since they began their auction business in 2005 and I have to say not only do they run an excellent auction house, but they are also some of the nicest and most honest people I have ever met. In my case, after running my own estate sale company, Gently Kept, for many years, it became necessary for me to retire and as you might have guessed I had a lot-and I mean a lot- of stuff to sell. My house was full. My 4-car garage was full and my shed was full. I called Tony and he promised that he could empty it all and have my house ready for the market in a month or so. He then had one online auction at my house and moved trailer loads of my items to his auction barn where he sold them over a period of several months. I could not have been happier with the speed, the thoroughness and the prices that AAA Auction got for me. Thank you Tony and Denise and AAA Auction. - Maggie Runke 

I can’t thank you enough for the fantastic job you did helping me get my house cleaned out and ready to sell. I have a large house and there were a lot of things in it, but your crew came over right away and had the whole job done in no time. I especially appreciated your reasonable rates and the fact that you were conscientious and checked with me about some personal items that you thought I might want to keep. You even gave me a box of silver coins that you found that I had forgotten about. You were a pleasure to work with and I would recommend you to anyone. - Brenda Evans 

My wife Joanie and I met Tony Elfelt at a downsizing seminar last spring. We liked it when he said he would design a downsizing process that would take our individual needs into account and he did just that. He came up with a combination of sales that included getting our lawn equipment online ASAP at the Nowthen Auction Center and the rest of our items online at our home right after that. Tony, his wife, Denise, and their staff then did a fast and thorough job selling our items and helping us with a rather big and difficult task. Payment was prompt too. Thank you Tony and AAA Auction. - Bob and Joanie Marolt 

I used AAA Auction for a large Gun sale and I have to say that I couldn't have been any Happier with Tony and his staff and was really Happy with the Auction results. Right from the beginning, Tony explained the process and what I could expect. The auction listings were pretty specific and done perfectly as were the photos of the items and they really highlighted each item and added to the sale for both the seller and the online buyer. Communication throughout the Auction was Great and ALL my questions were answered and Tony was VERY responsive to all my inquiries before, during and after the sale. The Auction staff was also excellent in providing constant updates when asked and did a GREAT job in making the complex sale of multiple firearms a Huge SUCCESS. Fair, Honest and Seller oriented Auction staff here....Tony and his staff work for the Seller to ensure a Great and Successful auction. Highly recommend for any sales you might be considering of personal items, estates and like me firearms. The payment was prompt and auction fees were very reasonable for everything AAA Auction did to make my sale a Great success....Thanks again for everything. - Joe Hughes

AAA Auction and Realty Company was instrumental in my downsizing process due to old age. Mr. Elfelt collected much of my shop equipment and gun collection and auctioned it off. His company was very successful in getting top dollar for the items. Tony Elfelt kept me informed of the progress. Checks were issued very promptly as property sold. Then gun collection was auctioned off nationally, including Hawaii. It was very successful. I recommend AAA Auction and Realty Company to anyone who needs to downsize. -Sincerely, Alton G. "Chuck" Drury

Thank you so very much for doing our auction. Although the weather was cold and rainy, we still had a good auction. Thank you too for all the canopies you brought and for all the advertising that you did. I especially liked the large auction bill you put together for us. Thanks too to Gary who cleaned up everything for the next several days and got our house ready to turn over to the new buyers. We will miss Minnesota but mostly we'll miss the great friends we made here including you folks at AAA Auction. - Sheila and Bruce Parson 

Thanks Tony for your suggestions, and thanks for your support of Family Enhancement Center. I really appreciated your commitment to our Gala, including meeting with us beforehand, your 24 hour response to our questions, and your list of suggestions for our next year's Gala. Oh, and did I mention your ability to raise significant donations through the Live Auction, Fund the Need and last but not least, the Surprise Bonus Game! I especially liked the Surprise Bonus Game because it was highly entertaining while engaging attendees and raising donations. Thanks so much for helping our agency to surpass our financial goal which supports our mission of creating strong families and safe kids. - Mary Serie, Family Enhancement Center

Wow! I didn’t know retired guys could work so hard. Thanks for all the help you gave us in emptying our house and sheds so we could close on our sale. We are very happy with the services you provided including getting our huge dinosaur TV out of the lower level of our home. You guys are unbelievable and friendly too. We know a lot of people these days who are down-sizing and we will be happy to send them your way. - The Andersons (Ham Lake)

AAA Auction and Realty Company was instrumental in my downsizing process due to old age. Mr. Elfelt collected much of my shop equipment and gun collection and auctioned it off. His company was very successful in getting top dollar for the items. Tony Elfelt kept me informed of the progress. Checks were issued very promptly as property sold. Then gun collection was auctioned off nationally, including Hawaii. It was very successful. I recommend AAA Auction and Realty Company to anyone who needs to downsize. - Sincerely Alton G. "Chuck" DruryI want to take a moment to thank you for the great work AAA Auction did for me. As you know, my wife and I are moving and after 40 years our house and buildings were full of stuff. Since we are only taking a small amount of things with us, we needed to sell everything and empty out our house so it could be sold. We are extremely happy with the prompt work AAA Auction did to assist us. You respected our home when you were there working and you made a very fair deal with me. Actually, we are very relieved that you guys dug in and not only removed the good clean items, but the lower value items too. We don't know what we would have done without you. Thank you.- Tom LeMon 

My sister and I hired a traditional estate sale company to sell the contents of our parents’ home. Due to several reasons, the estate sale company only sold a small amount of the items. We then contacted Tony at AAA Auction to see if he would be interested in purchasing the entire estate. We couldn’t have been more pleased with Tony and his crew. They came over as soon as we called and performed a careful evaluation of the contents. We then came to an agreement that had AAA Auction remove everything from the home in about 10 days. All in all, Tony and his staff treated us with fairness, understanding and respect during a difficult time and I would strongly recommend them to anyone with estate sale needs. -Ann Fuller and her sister, Lynn

When my husband died, the task of organizing and selling his business and hobbies seemed overwhelming. AAA Auction was recommended to me by a good friend, so I called. I met with Tony right away and he was able to form a plan to help me take care of everything. He listened to all my concerns and always put my needs first. Tony and his extremely able crew went to work immediately. Everyone involved has been respectful, honest and trustworthy. They have been wonderful to work with and I cannot recommend them highly enough! - Wendy Richardson

Denise, thanks for your prompt service in sending the check for the estate. And I also appreciate how thorough the voucher is. I like the good records that you and the auction company obviously keep. Put it all together and it adds up to me being glad to use your service in liquidating the Estate's personal property. - T.M. from Maple Grove