Selling Tips

Often people do not know the best way to sell their items. If that is you, we will be happy to review your needs and make a recommendation. We often begin by asking you to send us photographs. This can sometimes determine whether an in-person visit would be helpful.

As a general rule, if you sell good items, you will get good prices. If you sell bad items, you will get bad prices. See the link for Good and Bad Consignment Items on our home page

If you have a lot of items, we sell them in groups or lots in an attempt to get at least $30 for the lot, but we cannot guarantee that will be the result. If we cannot get a bid for $30, we will sell your items for whatever we can get.

We generally do not want low-value items or price stickers, so please make sure that your items are clean and have no price stickers tags on them. 

If you think that there is information about a particular item that would be helpful to the bidders, please write the information on a piece of paper and tape it to your item.

Although everything is sold ‘As-Is” at an auction, we try to provide the bidders with a full description of the items, including any damage or issues that might affect the value. So if you have an item that does not work, please leave a note on it that provides the buyer with information that fairly describes the condition.

If you bring us an item with a value over $300, you may place a reserve on that item. This is your minimum selling price. Your item will not sell if that price is not met. If the high bid on your item does not meet your reserve price, we will charge you a $20 "Reserve Fee" ($40 for guns) or 1% of the highest bid, whichever is greater.

Large value items may be included in the advertising done by AAA Auction provided the Seller gives AAA Auction sufficient notice.

Although not recommended, sellers may bid on their own items. However, if a seller buys his own item back, he will be required to pay for the item in the same manner as would anyone else. That means he will have to pay the full winning bid amount plus the Buyer’s Premium for the item. He will not, however, be charged sales tax.