The AAA Team

Tony Elfelt

Along with his wife, Denise, Tony is co-owner of AAA Auction and Realty and Tony is the guy who will come to your home to answer all of your auction questions and advise you about the best way to sell your items.

In addition to being an auctioneer, Tony is also a personal injury attorney, a real estate broker, and licensed federal firearms and used vehicle dealer. He also was the first Minnesota auctioneer certified by the National Auctioneers Association as a Benefit Auction Specialist.

Denise Elfelt

Denise is co-owner of AAA Auction. She runs our online auction business at our Auction Center in Ramsey and also clerks our sales during our live auctions. She is so friendly, we think some people buy from us just to come in and visit with her.

She is a professional personal property appraiser, having completed both the National Auctioneers Association's training as a G.P.P.A., and also the Continental School of Auctioneering's certification program as a C.P.P.A. Denise is married to Tony, and when she's not working for AAA Auction, she is most likely visiting with her four grandchildren.

Larry Elfelt

Larry keeps our live auctions moving fast. He's the guy who hollers "YES!" when you bid or hollers "Let's Go!" if he thinks the auctioneer too slow. We also rely on Larry to help set up auctions. Larry is married to Corinne, and when he is not working for AAA Auction or attending an auction elsewhere, you can find Larry delivering mail in Anoka or putting out fires in Andover.

Ron Jost

Ron is not happy unless he is working, so after a career of working in the construction industry, he eagerly joined our team. He thinks he's 20 and he carries heavy loads like he is 30.

Gary Duer

Gary started out just pitching in when he saw we needed a hand and then quickly became part of our regular crew. He helps with most of our estate pick-ups and he helps set up the auction too. By the way, if you ever find you need a gizmo or widget, Gary has several of them.

Lucy Baumann

Lucy is a fast learner. In no time at all she has been able to clerk live auctions or work in the trailer with Denise. She is full of interesting and helpful ideas to make our auctions run smoothly.