Red Nowthen Online #11


Hello Auction Lovers:

First of all, thank you to our many consignors who make these auctions possible. Thank you also to everyone who bids on our site and to everyone who picks up their items on time even when they may have only bought a $2 item. However, we realize that it sometimes doesn’t make sense to drive 20 miles one way for one small purchase, so if you would prefer not make the trip to pick up a small item, we would not be offended if you called and paid for the item and then asked us to find a new home for it.

This auction offers a wide variety of items with concentrations of firearms, ammunition, collectibles, tools, sporting goods and household items.

Preview Location: Tuesday June 29th from 1-3pm for items valued over $100.00.     7140 Old Viking Blvd NW, Nowthen, Mn 55303

Closing Time:         Tuesday, June 29, 2021 7:30 p.m.

Closing Rate:          12 seconds per lot, plus extended bidding time when a bid is placed within the final 60 seconds.

Buyer’s Premium:       15%

Sales Tax:                      7.125%

Pickup Location:        7140 Old Viking Blvd. NW Nowthen, Mn 55303

Pickup Times by appointment: Wednesday, June 30, 2021 9:30 a.m. - 4 p.m. and Thursday July 1, 2021 4-7 p.m.

Sign Up Genius link (opens when last items closes):

Upcoming Auctions:  Our upcoming auctions are looking great too with more firearms, ammunition, and collectibles including knives, Native American, Harley Davidson and more. 

Finally, keep July 24th open for a live auction in Ramsey that will offer the house for sale as well as the contents. The house will be on the MLS in the near future.

Promo:    Until further notice AAA Auction will sell all gunpowder firearms and factory load ammunition for FREE to the Seller. 

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7140 Old Viking Blvd NW, Nowthen, Minnesota 55303
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Practice Bidding

Practice Bidding


Hello Auction Friends,

      We thought it would be helpful to start our new website with a practice action so everyone can get familiar with the new software for free. This auction does not actually sell anything and no money has to be paid. It is for learning only. You will need, however, to renew your old bidding number and password or register for a new bidder number and password with a different email address. You will find directions on our home page. First click on "Bidder Info".  Then click on "How to Register to Bid" and then later on "How to Bid".


EXISTING BIDDERS (Prior to May 1, 2021):  You will need to reset your password for initial login.  Please use your bidder number to reset your password using "forgot password

NEW BIDDERS:  Please select "register to bid"

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