How to Bid After You Have a Bidder Number

Open Auction. Click on “Enter Auction”. You will then see one photo and a title for each lot in the Quick-View Box. To see more photos or to see the full description and other information about the lot, click on “View Lot Details” at the bottom of the Quick-View Box. 

Lot Detail Page. The Lot detail page displays the start and end times of the auction, the number of bids so far on that item, the current winning bidder number, the starting bid, the required bid amount, how many bidders are watching as well as your own current and max bid amounts. It also allows you to access the Bid Increment Schedule. To do that you click on the question mark next to “Bid Increments”.

Watch List. Once you bid on an item, it is automatically added to your Watch List. You can also add an item to your Watch List without bidding on it. You do that by clicking the eye symbol in the lower right corner of the Quick-View Box. You can access your Watch List by clicking on “Watch List” at the very top of the page in the green bar.

Bidding. To bid, you must access the Bid Box page. You can do that from the Quick-View Box, from your Watch List or from the Lot Detail Page. The Bid Box page will show you the next required bid amount. You will see a “Place Bid” link on the Bid Box page. You will have to click on “Place Bid” twice to place your bid.  After you click on “Place Bid” once, the Bid Box will be displayed again for you to review your bid for accuracy. Your bid will be final only after you click on “Place Bid” a second time.

If you are the high bidder, your item will be outlined in green. If someone has placed a higher max bid, then after you bid the item will be outlined in red. Also, when you have reached the bottom of the page, be sure to arrow over to the next page to continue bidding. There are also options available for how you would like to have the items appear on your screen. For example, you can view them in order by lot number or by high or low bid amount and more.

If you would like to place a bid (not a max bid) that is higher than the required bid amount displayed, then click on “regular bid” so the full amount of your higher bid will be accepted as a regular bid.

Max Bids. If you only placed a bid for the required bid amount, that is your “max bid” at that time. That is why you will see Max Bid automatically highlighted in the Bid Box. You may, however, place a max bid that is higher than the displayed required bid amount. To do that, simply delete the required bid amount and enter your max bid amount. You will then need to click on “Place Bid” twice as described above. Once you bid on an item, your last bid or your max bid amount will be displayed (on your screen only) in the lower left corner of he Quick-View Box. If another bidder bids on an item on which you have placed a max bid, our software will increase your bid automatically only enough to out-bid the other person, but never more than your max bid. 

Bidding Notices. You will receive an email from us to acknowledge your bid as well as to inform you if you have been out-bid.

Special Terms. Each auction may have Special Terms for that auction that may differ slightly from the General Terms for our auctions. If that occurs, the Special Terms for each auction shall apply. Please read the Auctioneer’s Notes at the beginning of each auction for any special information for that auction.