King George V 1932 Gold Sovereign coin. 7.98 grams of 91 2/3rd fine gold
Lot Number:17
Start Time:11/12/2023 6:00:00 AM
End Time:11/22/2023 1:32:17 AM
Bid Count:27
Winning Bidder:7000
Starting Bid:$2.00
Bid Increment:$20.00
Current Bid:$390.00
Bidding complete

King George V 1932 Gold Sovereign coin. 7.98 grams of 91 2/3rd fine gold 

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Dates and Times for Online Auction

Preview: Monday, November 20, 2023, from 10 a.m. until noon. Please know what lots you would like to preview when you arrive. We will bring them to you. General browsing is not allowed.

Closing: Tuesday, November 21, 2023, one item every 8.5 seconds beginning at 7:30 p.m. plus extended bidding time when a bid is placed within the final 60 seconds.

Pickup Time: Wednesday, November 22, 2023, 9 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.  and

Monday November 27, 2023, 9 a.m. to 12:00 noon at 7140 Old Viking Blvd NW, Nowthen, MN 55303. Pickup is by online appointment. Winning bidders will receive an invoice by e-mail soon after the auction closes. The invoice will have a link to the pickup-scheduling page. If you are unable to pick up during these times, please call us at (763) 421-3044 to make other arrangements. 

Auctioneer's Notes
Please note that we added an additional pickup day. See above.

Welcome to another AAA general consignment auction! This auction features firearms, McCoy pottery, wall art, coins, and collectibles.

Our next auction will have more items from estates in St. Paul and St. Francis as well as many other great consignments.

No Charge for Guns and Items Selling for $1,000 or More. Coins and ammo are 10%.


AAA Auction and Realty, LLC partners with RE/MAX Results to clean out and sell homes. When we list your home, we offer huge discounts on clean-outs and on selling the personal property. We are currently selling an older home with a very large detached garage located near the fairgrounds in St. Paul at 1527 W Breda Ave. Please call us for more information.


Buyer’s Premium: 15%

Sales Tax: 8.125%

Good credit cards may be used for coin purchases under $1,000. No checks accepted. Unless previously agreed to by AAA Auction, cash payment or wire transfer is required for coin purchases of $1,000 or more.

Bring a case. Guns must be cased when leaving the Auction Barn, so please bring any case you need. All state and federal rules apply, including needing a purchase or carry permit to purchase a handgun or AR. Also, please note that the person to whom we will be transferring the firearm must be the registered winning bidder. 

In most cases, we accept ammo for sale only if it is the original ammo in the original box from the factory.  Private reload, mixed, and loose ammo will not be accepted.

AAA does not load purchases. Please bring your own muscle. Our staff has been instructed not to load, so please do not ask. 

Pickup Procedure
Please drive to the left of the Auction Barn. Park there. Come in and pay. Then drive around the barn and park again when you get to the front of the barn, where your items will be brought out to you.

Late Pickups
If you cannot pick up your items on the scheduled day, you must call us during the scheduled pickup time and pay for them with a credit card or you will lose your bidding privileges. When you call, you will be asked to schedule a new pickup time on the following Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday morning. If you pay for your items but do not pick them up by the rescheduled date, you shall be charged a late fee of $10 per day until your items are picked up. If your late fees exceed the amount you paid, your items shall be forfeited by you as payment for your late fees and you shall lose your bidding privileges. AAA does not promise to call and remind you to pick up your items.

Referral Fees
Do you know anyone who needs to sell a house or its contents? If so, we would be grateful if you would refer them to us. If you do, and we take the job, we will pay you a referral fee for the sale of the personal property.

Our rates are very low, especially if you consign good items. The more your item sells for, the lower the commission we charge. We recommend that items consigned to us have a value of around $30 for you to get the 30% commission rate. The commission rates are higher for items that sell for less than $30. If you don't know what your items are worth, please feel free to call us to discuss that. We also recommend that you review our "What items sell?" page, which lists items that tend to sell well, and those that do not.


~ Terms ~

These are our General Terms and Conditions; however, each auction's terms may be slightly different, so it is important before bidding in an auction that you read and understand the terms that apply to that auction. If there is any inconsistency between these general terms and the terms above, the terms above shall apply.

As-Is and Other Limitations
All items are sold "AS IS," "WHERE IS," and "FINAL," with no warranties, express or implied.

Illustrations, pictures, sounds, or videos posted on AAA Auction's website are for identification purposes only and are not warranties of any type. Photos are merely representative of the items and may not be relied upon for disclosure of all defects. All measurements are approximate, and AAA Auction encourages bidders to preview our auctions when allowed and inspect the items themselves. AAA Auction does not grade items or guarantee the authenticity of any item, including autographs. Grading and specific descriptions are sometimes provided by the sellers and are presumed to be true; however, AAA Auction does not know whether the descriptions and grading provided by sellers are correct. AAA does not guarantee the accuracy of any outside appraisals. AAA Auction does not guarantee representations from sellers such as a jersey being "game worn." AAA makes an effort to be correct when listing the dates and mint marks of coins; however, due to the difficulty in reading some dates and mint marks, AAA does not guarantee the correctness of any dates or mint marks and encourages bidders to inspect the coins themselves. AAA Auction does not know whether some items are reproductions or originals. The buyer assumes complete and sole responsibility for inspection of items before bidding and relies solely on his or her inspection as to the condition, authenticity, and value of items. Occasionally, we include estimated values in the descriptions of items. Any such statements are statements of our opinion only and are not guaranteed. Buyers are advised to do their research before bidding on any item. The buyer waives any claims against AAA Auction and seller based upon the condition or value of items.

In an effort to be as fair as possible to both the Bidder and the Seller, in the rare case of a mistake made by AAA Auction, the Bidder and the Auctioneer on behalf of the Seller shall each have the right at their discretion to void any sale in which there has been a material mistake in either the description or the photographs pertaining to an item being sold.

AAA Auction does not assemble electronics including speakers for testing. Our testing goes no further than to plug in an item to see if it powers up. Also, when referring to old radios, we may say the radio “works”. That merely means that the radio powered up and at least one station came in. It does not mean that the sound was perfect or that all features of the radio worked properly. In addition, unless easily accomplished, AAA Auction does not remove speaker covers for photographs. Therefore, an inspection of electronics if highly recommended.

Bidding Terms
Bidders must be at least 18 years old. Buyers of handguns and handgun ammunition must be 21 years old.

The bidding process described in the link: How to Bid is incorporated into these terms by reference.

Special Terms for Each Auction
Each auction may have Special Terms for that auction that may differ slightly from these General Terms. If that occurs, The Special Terms for each auction shall apply. Bidder agrees that any details provided in the Auctioneer’s Note on the home page for any auction shall be part of the contract terms for the auction and are hereby incorporated by reference.

Covid 19
To maintain the safest environment possible for our customers, AAA Auction asks our bidders to follow the following:

If you have been exposed to a possible case of the Corona Virus within the two weeks preceding the pickup day, please arrange with us to have someone else pick up your purchase.

Masks must be worn and social distancing must be followed as much as possible at preview and pickup.

In an effort to minimize Covid risks and unless stated differently for a specific auction, previews for our auctions shall be as follows:

  • No preview for items expected to sell for less than $100
  • Previews must be scheduled with SignupGenius for 15 minutes per five items to be previewed.
  • Preview is for specific items, not browsing. If possible, items will be brought to a table for preview.
  • Covid procedures as described above must be followed.
  • We will allow a buyer to cancel any sale if it appears at pickup that AAA Auction's description or photos fail to reveal a significant defect or condition of the item.

Pickup Location
Unless otherwise stated in the special terms for an auction, pickup shall be at the AAA Auction Barn at 7140 Old Viking Blvd. NW in Nowthen. Please note the special terms for each auction because sometimes the pickup takes place somewhere else. We request that winning bidders schedule their own pickup times by using our easy online sign-up sheet called SignupGenius. However, we are happy to schedule a pickup time over the phone at (763) 421-3044 for those who prefer to do it that way.

Buyers must load their items. If the pickup is at the Auction Barn, AAA staff will bring most items out of the building for you. If the pickup is at a private home, it may be necessary for you to enter the home or a detached building to remove your items. This may involve carrying items up from a basement or down from an upper level. Please check the special terms for each auction to see if this applies and call AAA Auction if you have any concerns. Notwithstanding the above, if you ask for help loading and if AAA workers help you load, a loading fee will be charged in advance that will not be less than and may be more than $30.00.

Type Of Payment
Except as stated below for coins and currency, we accept cash, good checks, cashier's checks, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover. Two forms of ID are needed for checks, with at least one being a photo ID. No out-of-state checks. AAA Auction reserves the right to postpone shipping any item until the Buyer's check clears the bank. There is a $30.00 fee on all returned checks. Credit cards will be accepted up to $5,000. Unless prior arrangements are made, firearms, and titled items must be paid for with cash. 

Also, payment to AAA Auction in cash of $10,000 or more requires the buyer to complete the IRS form 8300.

AAA Auction reserves the right to ask for and obtain credit card information from any bidder to guarantee their bids during the auction and to guarantee any check written for $500 or more after the auction closes. Failure to provide credit card information when requested to do so shall result in the cancellation of all unpaid bids and the privilege to bid in the future. 

Coins and Currency Payment
Cash, wire transfers or good credit cards may be used for coin purchases under $1,000. No personal checks will be accepted for coins and currency. Unless previously agreed to by AAA Auction, cash payment or wire transfer is required for coin purchases of $1,000 or more. Shipping is available for coins and currency through the USPO. Shipping shall not take place until there has been a successful payment. The cost will be the actual cost charged by the USPO including insurance plus $5.00 handling fee. Shipping costs shall be paid with a credit card. Coins and currency are sold AS-IS with no warranties express or implied. Personal inspection is highly recommended. No credit card chargebacks shall be accepted. If any sale is voided for any reason, any financial recovery for the buyer is limited to the return of his or her payment to AAA Auction.

Buyer's Premium
Please check each individual auction for its buyer's premium.

Sales Tax
Unless the auction is an estate auction for one person only, as opposed to a consignment auction, sales tax will be charged. Please check the involved auction to see if sales tax will be collected.

Sale Items Subject to Change
The auctioneer reserves the right to add items to or remove items from the auction at any time, even during the bidding process; to split or combine lots; to edit descriptions; to add or remove photos; to add minimum bids or reserve prices; to cancel, suspend, extend or reschedule an individual item and or an entire auction; or to change any auction's closing time, preview time, or pickup time.

Late Pickups with a Call to AAA
You agree to pick up your items at your scheduled pickup time for the involved auction. We know, however, that sometimes things come up that may make that difficult. In those cases, you must call us before your scheduled pickup time and pay for your purchase with a credit card (unless you can pick up your item later on the same day). We will then hold your item for you until the next scheduled pickup day or before. Unless otherwise agreed, if you do not pick up your items by the next scheduled pickup day, you shall pay AAA Auction storage fees of $5 per lot per day commencing two weeks after the original pickup day that you missed. If you do not pick up your items by the time the storage fees exceed the amount of your purchase, your items shall be considered abandoned by you and you shall forfeit any interest in or claims arising out of those items.

Missed Pickup and no Call to AAA
If you miss pickup and you do not call us on the pickup day or before, we will cancel the sale of your items and you will lose your bidding privileges. If you call us later and ask for your items, it shall be within our discretion to sell the items to you or not. If we still have them and agree to sell them to you, you must pay for them with a credit card during your call to us and we will charge you a $10.00 late fee. The pickup shall then take place during the next scheduled pickup day at AAA Auction. If you pay for your items but do not pick them up as described, the above paragraph shall apply. It shall be within the discretion of AAA Auction whether to reinstate your bidding privileges if they have been canceled for any reason.

All federal, state and local laws apply to the sale and transfer of guns and the Buyers are responsible for knowing all federal, state and local laws of the location where the gun will be transferred. In Minnesota, Buyers of handguns must have a carry or a purchase permit or an FFL license to take possession of a handgun.

Bidders may win a bid and pay for a handgun without the necessary permit; however, if that occurs AAA Auction shall retain possession of the handgun for up to 2 months while the Buyer obtains the necessary permit. Once the Buyer obtains the required permit the Buyer shall fill out a 4473 at the AAA Auction location. The sale shall be deemed complete only after a successful background check at which time the gun shall be transferred to the Buyer. If more than two months go by without the Buyer providing the necessary permit to AAA Auction and passing the background check, then AAA Auction may cancel the sale and refund the purchase price to the Buyer less the amount of the Buyer’s Premium charged which AAA Auction shall keep as liquidated damages.

By purchasing a firearm from AAA Auction the Buyer agrees to follow the manufacturer’s safety instructions and to only use the firearm in a safe manner in an approved area for a legal purpose. The Buyer assumes all responsibility for the legality of the firearm when he or she purchases it. The Buyer must be the actual buyer of the gun and not be buying it for another person. The person to whom we transfer a firearm must be the same person registered with AAA Auction as the winning bidder on the firearm. Buyers of rifles and shotguns must be 18 years old. Buyers of handguns and guns with pistol grips (AR type rifles) and the ammunition therefore must at least 21 years old.

AAA Auction will not ship ammunition. AAA Auction will generally not accept privately reloaded ammunition and it disclaims any knowledge of the history of any of the ammunition it sells and does not guarantee whether any ammunition it sells was factory loaded, factory seconds, or privately reloaded. It may be that some of the ammunition sold are factory seconds or reloads. It may be that the reloads are of poor quality. It may be that the ammunition is not as described on the box. AAA does not empty every box to check the contents. AAA Auction makes no warranties including fitness for the intended purpose or marketability for any of the ammunition it sells. The buyer acknowledges that the use of reloaded or factory-loaded ammunition may be dangerous and could lead to an injury. Buyer accepts 100% of the risk in using any ammunition bought at AAA Auction. Buyer shall hold AAA Auction harmless and shall indemnify AAA Auction and its staff from any and all claims for damages, loss, injury, or the like arising from the sale and use of said ammunition.

AAA Auction will ship small and medium-sized items through the USPS. AAA will not ship large items; however, we may on a case-by-case basis agree to take a large item to a professional shipper to have it shipped. We will not ship ammunition or items sold at the AAA Auction Barn. There is a handling charge of $9.00 for all small and medium-sized packages we ship and $20.00 for all long items such as rifles or shotguns. The handling charge for items taken to a professional shipper shall be $25 per item. Shipping fees also include the actual fees charged by the post office or professional shipper. 

Hold Harmless
Bidder does hereby indemnify and hold harmless the Auctioneer and his staff, AAA Auction and the Seller from any damages, claims, or liabilities from injuries to persons or property of any type whatsoever, caused before, during, or after the auction.

With Reserve
All auctions and auction items by law in Minnesota are with reserve unless stated as absolute. This means that the Seller may bid on his items and the Auctioneer and his staff reserve the right to bid on and purchase items in this auction as well.

Internet Service
We do not guarantee continuous, uninterrupted access to our services. The operation of the website and services may be interfered with by numerous factors outside of our control. AAA Auction is not responsible for lost or misdirected e-mails, slowness in the transmission of bids, technical difficulties that result in loss of Bidder's internet connection with, or other technical problems. AAA Auction is not responsible for any difficulties that may occur in the proper or timely transmission or access of e-mail forwarded to any e-mail address. Bidders agree to hold AAA Auction harmless from the vagaries of the Internet, spam filters, lack of storage space, and rules set by different Internet service providers, and all other factors which may cause the failure of bids or emails to be received by AAA Auction. 

Terms May Change
All terms and conditions are subject to change.

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