Selling Methods

  1. Live auction at your site or at a rented site

  2. Online estate auction at your site

  3. Online consignment auction at our Auction Barn

  4. Outright sale to AAA Auction of one or more of your items

  5. Clean-out 

  6. Real Estate

1. Live auction at your site or a rented site

Our competitive fees for live auctions depend upon the amount of time necessary to prepare and conduct the auction and the anticipated proceeds of the auction. They often consist of a flat fee or a percentage of the gross proceeds, whichever is higher. There also may be additional fees for set-up and expenses for advertising and bathrooms. 

2. Online estate auction at your site

At a traditional estate sale, the operator prices all of your items and the public comes into your home to shop. At an online estate auction, the prices are determined by competitive bidding that bidders do on the Internet from their homes. 

We will come to your home and photograph all of the items to be sold. We will then prepare descriptions of those items and hold the online estate auction for about 7-14 days. There may also be a preview day when the bidders can schedule appointments to come to your home to inspect the items. The winners will then schedule appointments to come to your home to pay for and pick up their items. You do not have to do anything. We will handle all of this for you.

Our fees for online estate auctions vary depending on the amount of work necessary to prepare and sell your items and the anticipated proceeds of the sale. Similar to the fees for live auctions, the fee for online estate auctions is also often a flat fee or a percentage of the gross proceeds, whichever is higher. There also may be additional fees for set-up and expenses for advertising.


Here are some good reasons to use the online estate auction method:

  • Online estate auctions with competitive bidding avoid having a person price an item too high so it does not sell or too low so that it sells right away for less money than it is worth.

  • Competitive bidding means that you get top dollar on each item you sell.

  • There is seldom anything left over after an online estate auction.

  • If there are left-overs, AAA Auction will dispose of them for you. We will recycle or donate what we can.

  • With an online estate auction, you don't have hordes of people wandering through your house.

  • AAA Auction follows sensible Covid protocol which includes among other things scheduling customers' visits to your home to space them out and avoid groups gathering together. 

  • More people are exposed to your items in our online estate auctions. We have around 250,000 page hits for each online auction we do.

  • We pay our clients very quickly (in about 10-14 days), not in six weeks like many estate sale companies.

  • We describe each item and often include several photographs of each item as well. Most estate sale companies take only one photograph of an item and do not describe it very well.

  • When required, we have certified appraisers on our staff who can provide you with well-researched opinions on the value of an item.

  • AAA Auction’s online estate auctions are fully insured for your and our protection

4. Outright sale to AAA Auction of your items

One of our professional appraisers will review your items and make you an offer. Payment is made in cash and the pick-up of your items can be done quickly. There are several ways to do this.

  • You Pick – You can specify which items you would like to sell.

  • We Pick – This usually involves an overall purchase and not a piece-by-piece purchase. For example, after you have removed or identified all the items that are not for sale and after we have agreed on one overall price, AAA will take or leave any items at our discretion. 

5. Clean-out

Some sellers need everything removed from their property. We can do that too. If there is adequate value in the items to cover our clean-out overhead and profit, we will pay you and then clean out your premises. If there is not enough value in the items to allow us to do that, we may need to charge you for the clean-out. Sometimes the value is such that we can provide the clean-out service with no money changing hands. Also, since AAA Auction is also a real estate company, we can sometimes provide clean-out services for free if we list the real estate for sale as well.

6.  Real Estate

AAA Auction also partners with other experienced real estate agents and brokers to list and sell real estate. When we do this, we often are able to offer the best of all possible rates for selling the personal property or for cleaning out the home to get it ready for sale.