Mau's Corner Selling Information

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Anyone can sell. Just show up. Items may be dropped off after 6 a.m. on the date of the auction. Before 6 a.m., all sellers’ vehicles should remain in the parking area on the north side of the building. After you are checked in with the Auctioneer, we will show you where to park and set up your items. All vehicles should drive into the selling area from behind the storage building towards Highway 47. You should then park behind the vehicle in front of you to unload. You should then set up your items on the driver’s side of your vehicle. Make sure your tables go in a straight east/west line and that you leave room for cars to drive between the rows of tables.

Other than the auction company and anyone who sells over $250 the prior week, your set-up location will be determined by your arrival time. The earlier you arrive, the closer to the front of the auction you will be. Generally, the Auctioneer will sell all of a seller’s items before moving on to the next seller. If you sell over $250 gross, you will be assigned set-up space towards the front of the auction the following week. You still must arrive by 6:00 a.m. the following week to get priority space.

You need to check in with the Auctioneer upon your arrival to sign a contract and be assigned a selling area. Your items should only be placed in the area you are assigned.

No matter where in the selling order you are located, you may put as many items as you like on the “Seller’s Choice” tables at the start of the auction. You must use our sticker gun to put your seller’s number on the items. The items should clearly sell for more than $5 each. The Auctioneer will ask for at least $5 to start the bidding. If no one bids, he will pass on that item and you will be charged a $2.00 no-sale fee. We will not combine lots at the Seller’s Choice table.

Large items (for example boats, trailers, cars, etc.) may be dropped off earlier at Seller’s risk of loss only with prior approval from AAA Auction. Titles must be present and clean.

Once we have your information in our computer, you do not need to fill out another contract unless we change the contract. However, you still need to check in with the Auctioneer every week to get a Seller’s number which we display with a stake in the ground by your items.

The per item commissions are:

Sale Price Commission
No Sale Fee $2
Usually No bids taken under $5 -
$5 to $29 25%
$30 to $599.99 10%
$600 and up Free
U.S. Currency / Coins / Firearms 10%

Sellers set out their own items. AAA Auction will not load, unload, or set up your items.

Items should be set out for easy inspection. AAA Auction usually has tables available for your use at no charge. If you use our tables, you must bring them back to our storage garage and place them on the pile of tables when you are done. You will be charged $2 per table if AAA Auction staff is required to pick up and put away the borrowed tables. This will be assessed on a subsequent auction in case you are not present when the tables are picked up. If you use your own tables that you do not want sold, they should be clearly marked “DO NOT SELL”. We discourage leaving items on a trailer. Also, if we have extra cardboard flats available, you are welcome to use them; however, we ask that you bring some flats to the next auction to replace the ones you have used.

If you choose to leave your items on your trailer for the auction, then you shall place your trailer where directed which shall be at the head of the next unused auction row if space permits or elsewhere as directed by AAA Auction staff. You should then unhook your trailer and park in the parking lot. AAA Auction reserves the right to refuse to sell any items not available for easy inspection.

After the auction, you must remove any unsold items from your area. Please do not remove your numbered stake. After your area has been cleaned up, you may receive payment at the courtesy desk. If you are not present at the end of the auction, we will mail your check to you within seven (7) days. If you leave unsold items at the auction location, you will be charged a reasonable clean-up and disposal fee.

You may bid on your own items; however, if you buy your own item back, you shall pay the regular commission and the 15% buyer’s premium, but no sales tax. We will not deduct your purchase amount from any amount we owe you as a seller. Rather, we treat buying and selling as two separate transactions.

Reserves are allowed so long as the reserve is at least $300 and the Seller pays AAA Auction a Reserve fee of $20 in advance which fee shall be refunded to the Seller if the item sells.

Anyone caught stealing will be prosecuted and banned from our auctions. Anyone who assists in reporting and getting a conviction of a shoplifter will receive a $500 reward.

Check the Mau's Corner Auction Section at for weather cancellations. We use canopies and often hold the auction even if it is raining a little bit.