Mau's Corner Bidding Information

  1. Everything is for sale today is “AS-IS” “WHERE-IS”. There are no guarantees or warranties of any kind. When the auctioneer says “Sold,” the item becomes yours.
  2. Inspect your item before bidding and protect your item after you buy it.
  3. Do not move items from one box or one table to another.
  4. Except for firearms and coins (U.S. currency) we charge a 15% Buyer’s Premium plus sales tax. That is an amount added to your bill to help pay for the costs of the auction. A Buyer’s Premium of 10% will be charged for firearms and coins
  5. We accept all major credit cards. We will add a 3% fee if a credit card is used.
  6. We do not take out-of-state checks.
  7. Permanent bidders must check in at the Courtesy Desk.
  8. New bidders must obtain a bidding number at the Courtesy Desk.
  9. All cancellations will be posted on our website at
  10. Food is sold in the garage.
  11. The bathroom is behind the storage building.
  12. If you buy your own item, you will be charged the regular commission PLUS the 15% Buyer’s Premium.
  13. When you win an item, please come forward and remove it from the table.
  14. Have your bidder number handy to show the auctioneer when you win an item.
  15. If you cannot take you item with you on the day of the auction, please let the staff know when you will be returning to pick it up and leave a note on the item with your name and bidder number so no one else picks it up by mistake. Any item left on the premises after the auction without letting us know and without it being marked will be considered abandoned.
  16. We reserve the right to ask for a credit card to guarantee large checks.
  17. Anyone caught stealing will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.
  18. Titled vehicles and coins must be paid for in cash.
  19. We generally sell west to east starting next to the storage building.
  20. We generally do not take bids less than $5.00.
  21. Please park in the lot to the north of the storage building and not on the grass.
  22. Unless otherwise stated at the auction, AAA Auction does not own or possess any firearms offered for sale at the auction. The firearms purchased shall be taken to the AAA clerking trailer and shall not be given to the buyer until payment has been made for the item.
  23. In most cases a formal form 4473 shall not be required, but AAA Auction reserves the right to require a signed statement from the buyer that he or she is not in a class of people prohibited from buying a firearm.
  24. Handguns will only be sold to a buyer who is 21 years old or older and who has a purchase permit, carry permit or federal firearms license.
  25. If AAA Auction sells a firearm it owns, the transfer will be made at the AAA Auction Barn in Nowthen after a 4473 form is filled out and the buyer has passed a background check. The Buyer must first pay for the purchase at the Mau’s auction on the day of the auction.
  26. AAA Auction reserves the right not to sell any firearm top any person for any reason.
  27. Firearms shall never be loaded at the auction site.