Auction Details and Terms

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Sporting Goods Auction -

Closes November 4th starting at 7:30 p.m

Item Description
1.Ducks Unlimited 6 place decoy bag.
2.Gander Mountain rolling duffel suitcase. New with tags.
3.Milwaukee M12" Cordless Drill/Driver Kit.
4.New Buck knife and small pocket knife.
5.West Marine binoculars
6.Guide Series XL vest, new with tags.
7.Camouflage seat cover.
8.Harley Davidson leather boots. Size 10 1/2 . Soles show no wear.
9.Fox Outdoor insulated camo jacket. Size XL
10.Hooded zip up sweatshirt. Size XL
11.Blue Stone XL vest.
12.Northwest Territory camo vest. Size XL
13.Cabela's Mossy Oak Size X, 3 in 1 jacket.
14.MOUNT'N Prairie  XL camo vest.
15.Fleece 1/4 zip pullover. SZ XL
16.Creek Side camo jacket with fleece lining. Size XL
17.Nylon camo vest with game pouch.
18.Brents recycled wool bib overalls, size XL
19.Otto Pfeiffer 19" x 23" framed picture of a black lab.
  • 270/500
  • Famous artist from Andover, MN
20.Brahma waterproof shoes. Size 12. 
21.Irish Setter side zip knee boot. Size 11, new with tags.
  • Field Line Pro Series camo bag
  • Canteen
  • Sunglasses
  • Toilet seat covers
  • Archer's Tools and accessory bag
  • Sunglasses
  • Surgical set
24.Six pairs of hunting gloves.
25.36 metal tent stakes.
26.Gander Mountain Black Cargo Duffle. New in package.
27.Seven pairs of gloves. Some work, knit, winter.
28.New mittens and light-weight camo gloves
  • Winter hat
  • Hat and headband
  • Gloves
  • Flashlight
30.Seven pairs of work gloves
31.Camo computer/work bag
32.Cabela's V neck camo jacket. New with tags, size XL
  • Fleece gloves
  • Rope
  • Accessory belt
  • Sunglasses and more
35.Six pairs of gloves.
37.Winter hats. Gloves, Neck warmers.
39.Orange fleece zipper shirt. Size L-XL
40.Master Sportsman size L- XL jacket
41.Field Line camo duffle bag
42.Canvas bag with shoulder strap.
43.Herter's camo dog vest. Size XL
44.Four pairs of ladies string knit gloves with super grip. Fleece brown scarf.
45.Field Line, Pro Series large accessory organizer. It says large, but I would say it is 3/4 the size of a standard size pack pack.
46.Hunting/outdoor supplies.
47.Eleven pairs of gloves, size XL.
  • Three pair of work gloves.
  • Car care supplies.
49.ETON SolarLink Self-powered and solar-powered AM/FM shortwave Radio with NOAA Weatherband, flashlight, siren and cell phone charger.
50.Arctic Shield boot insulators. Size XL
51.Budweiser mirror 14 1/2" x 20 1/2"
  • Diamondbacks safety eyewear
  • 5-in-1 survival aid
  • Hoisting rope
53.Craftsman tool box. New
54.Powermaster Wrist slingshot and steel slingshot ammo.
55.Minnesota XL hooded camo sweatshirt. New with tags.
56.Outdoor accessories.
57.Coleman queen-size mattress. New in box
58.New Carpenter apron
59.Master Sportsman XL nylon hunting vest.
60.Tackle Logic soft sided tackle box.
61.Sportsman camo cooler. New with tags
62.New camo toilet seat.
63.New in box, Barska, Point and View binoculars.
64.Remington gun cleaning kit. 
65.Carson 7 x 18 monocular
66.Gander Mountain camo bag.
67.Arctic Cat ATV lunch cooler.
68.Barska binoculars 10 x 50 mm. New in package
69.Shotgun BSA Red Dot scope:
  • RD 30
70.Work and hunting gloves. 
  • Flashlights
  • Hat and gloves
73.Winter gloves.
74.6-7 pairs of gloves.
75.Simmons binoculars, new in box
76.Big Bear silent spin seat.
  • Cabela's soft sided bag
  • Seat Back Gun Rack
78.Chicago 120 volt electric heat gun.
79.Colorado Binoculars. New in package. 10 x 50 mm
80.Barska binoculars, new in package. 10 x 50 mm
81.New gloves. 10 pairs, size XL
82.New gloves, 8 pairs, size XL
  • Cabella's hat and glove set. XL
  • Lined deerskin gloves XL
  • Pocket flash light
  • All new
84.Two boxes of Remington and one Winchester ammunition:
  • .410 Bore,
  • 2 1/2 length, .
  • 1200 Velocity FPS.
  • 1/2 oz shot
  • 6 shot
85.Federal Premium ammo:
  • 20 gauge
  • 2 3/4"
  • 3/4 oz maximum
  • Truball rifled slug HP
86.New gloves and headband. Size XL
87.Four boxes of Federal ammunition:
  • .410 gauge
  • 2 1/2" 
  • 1/2 oz shot
  • 6 shot
88.Six pairs of new gloves,  size XL
89.Three new flashlights and a 5 LED cap light.
90.New work gloves, size XL and outdoor socks.
  • New gloves for work and outdoor, size XL
  • Flip OttLite new in package
  • Two pocket size flashlights.
  • Thinsulate gloves
  • Caplight
  • Pocket size flashlight
  • Fieldline Camo backpack
  • Sz 11 camo slippers
  • Trellis netting
  • Book on HOW TO Craft lacing and plastic lacing
  • Gloves and flashlights
95.Two pair warm gloves and one pair of light-weight gloves.
96.Fishing organizer boxes, side mounts and rope holder.
97.Hats and headbands.
98.Hunting vest for dogs, size XL
99. New gun holster and slug holder for belt.
100.Miscellaneous hunting items.
101.Herter's ammunition:
  • 7.62 x 39mm
  • 20 cartridges
  • Steel case non-corrosive
102.Winchester ammunition:
  • 410 gauge
  • 2 1/2"
  • 1/2 oz
  • 9 shot
  • 4 boxes of 25
103.Outdoor/hunting supplies
104.Electrical supplies.
105.Rain poncho, sunglasses, clip on key chain, rope and more.
106.Knife sheath, gun holsters, billfold and a Mag Ruger, P85, 9mm, 30 round clip
107.Outdoor accessories. 
108.Ultra Sport Spotlight
  •  2,000,000 Candle power.
109.Outdoor gloves and work gloves.
111.Hunting gloves.
112.Hunting gloves.
  • Sterns stocking foot chest waders
  • Poncho
  • Gloves and headbands
114.Misc tools
115.Sporting and outdoor accessories. 
116.Work gloves and knit gloves
117.Car care items.
  • Cabela's glove and hat set.
  • Cap light
  • Flashlight
  • Hat and glove set
  • Flashlight
  • Cap light
  • Fleece gloves
  • Dokken's Classic dog dummy, new in package
  • Federal ammunition: 12 gauge, 3 Dram EQ, 1 1/8 oz shot, 8 shot. 25 shells.
  • Canvas screw bag
  • 14pc jigsaw blade set
  • 3 pc pliers set
  • Cabela's canvas bag, new with tags
  • Sunglasses
  • Birds away
  • Fastners
123.Outdoor accessories.
  • Deer hide gloves
  • 6 pairs of light weight gloves
  • Marine boat mates for keys, credit cards, fishing license, etc
  • Aluminum hooks and more
126.Seven pairs of gloves.
127.Five pairs of gloves
128.Power grips.
  • Knit gloves
  • Work gloves and driving gloves.
132.4 pairs of gloves and a headband.
133.Deer hide gloves and work gloves
135.Work gloves
136.Hats and gloves
137.Flashlights and gloves
139.Gloves, hats and a cap light.
141.Gloves, hat and a flashlight
142.Hats, gloves and a flashlight.
147.And the last lot of gloves