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Online Auction Ending on Tuesday, September 12th - at 7:30 p.m.

Item Description
1.Washington quarter, Roosevelt dime, one foreign coin, 25 wheat pennies.
2.Working 12-1/2" Michelob Golden Draft beer lamp
3.Revell vintage model car racing track
  • Loose track
  • Track in boxes
  • Curved and straight track
  • Controller
  • 11 x 16" Hamm's advertising card 
  • Special Export tapper
  • Lite tapper
  • Rolling Rock tapper
5.Foreign coins
6.Vintage No. 2 D-LITE Dietz lantern
7.Two semi tractor trailers
  • NIB
  • NAPA 1:43 scale
  • Ducati 1:32 scale
8.Indian Chief motorcycle model
  • 13" long
  • Plastic
  • 1998 1/6 scale
9.Vintage truck horns
10.50" Genuine fox pelt 
11.Heilman's Special Export beer lamp
  • Did not light up when tested
12.Decorative, heavy glass mushrooms
  • 6" W x 3" H
13.Dutch themed ceramic figurines
14.Two rods/reels combinations
  • Shakespeare Wondereel withmodel H8, 58" length fishing rod
  • Langley with model 330, 58" length fishing rod
15.JVC Controller
  • 4 Channel
  • Model SEA-VTE
  • 2 light indicators light up upon testing
16.Three wall mount bottle openers
  • Two Coco-Cola
  • One Rock Spring
17.SAITO FA-150 four-stroke engine
  • Hemi-head
  • 25 c.c.
18.Supertigre engine for radio controlled airplanes
19.Seven track race cars
  • Two are Revell brand
20.Powerline 008 air pistol with hard case
21.Close's candy tin
22.Vintage desk lamp with Jadite base
23.Bachmann Sante Fe Flyer electric train set
24.NIB two semi tractor trailers NIB
  • NASCAR 1995 edition 1:64 scale
  • ERTL steel tractor trailer
25.Model 301, 1600 PSI Wagoner power painter
26.Twelve Albums
  • Chicago
  • Charlie Daniels Band
  • Pat Benatar
  • REO Speedwagon
  • Bruce Springsteen
  • Carpenters
  • Bob Seger
  • Lettermen
  • Air Supply
  • Seals & Croft
  • Diana
  • Huey Lewis & The News
27.Three cookie jars
  • Maxine
  • Pepe Le Pew
  • Pillsbury Dough Boy
  • NIB G.I. Joe accessory
  • NIB Soldiers of the World 
29.Five cups and saucers
30.Home decor, ceramic, 24" air balloon
31.Home decor, ceramic, 17" hanging air balloon
32.Vintage 58" landing fishing net with wooden handle
33.Wooden machinist chest wtih miscellaneous contents
  • Portable, collapsible work bench
  • adjustable height roller stand
35.Working model 505 Rockwell power hand sander with 2 boxes 4.5" x 11" of sand paper
36.Makita power tool set
  • Model 9924DB belt sander
  • Model 3601B router
  • Model 680? drill - see picture
  • Model RS 115 Ryobi Random Orbit Sander
  • Back and Decker drill
  • Craftsman palm grip sander
  • Rigid drill
39.Halls kitchenware nesting bowls
  • 6-1/2"
  • 7-1/2"
  • 9"
40.Signed Terri Redlin "Family Traditions" print
  • 22" x 32" OD
41.TEAC A-6300 reel-to-reel tape recorder
  • powers up
  • reels turn
42.Antique Blackstone Memorial Library book of New York Tribune publications dated November - December 1900
  • Fragile condition
  • Broken binding
  • Some pages torn 
  • 18" x 24.5" x 25"
  • Two vintage hand drills
  • Eight vintage wrenches
44.Six cups and saucers
45.Two glass owl ashtrays
46.Two glass easgle jars
47.7 stemmed Hamm's beer glasses
48.Hand painted, 13" Red Wing pitcher
  • Chip on bottom of base visible only when turned over
49.Vintage 12", white enamel coffee pot
50.Two black bears
  • Black bear cookie jar
  • Stuffed bear made "Critters by Muriel"
51.Two pottery vases
52.Young's 1998 Dalmation cookie jar
53.Ceramic elephant cookie jar and statue
  • NIB Happy Holidays Barbie doll
  • NIB Target 35th Anniversary Barbie doll
  • NIB Mr. Fantastic and Invisible Woman dolls
55.3M metal storage box 
  • 32"W x 30"H x 12" D
56.Polaris ATV HD alloy wheel 
  • 15"W x 8"D
57.Metal Rema Tip Top Tire Repair cabinet
  • 20"W x 20"H x 8"D
58.Vintage 1 gallon metal gas can
59.Ditzler Automotive Finishes metal storage cabinet
  • 32"W x 31-1/2"H x 11"D
60.NIB US General Pro folding side tray for tool carts and cabinets
  • holds over 35 pounds
61.Technics Direct Drive Automatic Turntable System
  • Model SL-D2
  • Powers up, turntable rotates
  • Cover missing
  • Jim Beam fox trophy decanter 
  • Jim Beam fox decanter
63.Spidernan collectibles
  • Puzzles
  • Clings
  • Board game
  • Figurine with parasail kite
  • coloring book
  • mini football........and more
64. Lane Cedar Chest
  • 44"W x 28"H x 19"D
65.Indian motorcycle in wooden display case
  • 11"W x 7"H x 4"D
66.Wooden Machinist box
  • 25-1/2"W x 17"H x 13"D
  • Three metal football motif wall plaques
  • Three metal baseball motif wall plaques
68.Two vases
  • Pottery
  • Handmade
69.Three ceramic cookie jars
  • Dopey
  • Wise owl
  • Cocoa and marshmallow cup
70.Two wooden airplanes
71.Six cups and saucers
72.Thirty-two model train cars inlcuding:
  • Union Pacific
  • Santa Fe
  • Soo Line
  • Burlington Norther
  • Great Northern
  • Rock Island........and many more
73.Bell & Howell vintage 8mm movie camera
  • Design 122
  • Model L
  • Filmo Regent 
74.Two vintage planters
  • Parrot wall pocket from Germany
  • Vermont Country eggnog milk bottle
75.Kenwood stereo cassette deck
  • Model KX-830
  • Dolby system
  • Powers up
  • Cassette head rotates
76.Minolta camera with accessories
  • Lenses
  • Filters
  • Bags
  • Chargers and cables
77.Electrician's tool box with tools and  supplies
78.Vintage Aladdin #440 thermos
79.NIB two Nylint NAPA tractor trailers
80.Vintage metal Mit Shel minnow bucket
81.Two Road Pro ceramic heater fans
Stinson Reliant SR-8 Gullwing model kit - NIB
82.Modular Component Systems 6602 direct drive automatic turntable
  • Works
83.Vintage A I Root Co. bee smoker
84.Vintage gray enamel bed pan and 17" pail
85.NIB Campbell Hausfeld air compresser and 2 inch brad nailer kit
86.Pint jar of marbles
  • multiple sizes 
87.Pint jar of marbles
  • Multiple sizes
88.Two vintage military helmet liners
89.Vintage heavy wooden framed mirror
  • 25.5" x 17.5"
  • Possible dresser mirror
90.Two sets of Black Americana salt and pepper shakers
  • made in Japan
91.Costume Jewelry
92.Twin City Federal Savings & Loan solid brass belt buckle with pouch
93.Harley Davidson belt buckle
  • Federal belt buckle
  • Smith and Wesson buckle
95.Antique binoculars with case
  • Vintage 5" x 4" beaded coin purse
  • Vintage 3.5" x 5" beaded coin purse
97.Handmade 11" spearing decoy 
  • Federal belt buckle
  • Remington Country belt buckle
99.U.S. Police K-9 limited edition belt buckle
100.Anoka Police Department limited edition belt buckle
  • Bronze pet ash repository
  • Separate compartments
  • Weighs over 8 pounds
  • 8" x 6" x 5"
  • Gold gilded art deco calling card holder
  • Very good condition
  • 6-1/2" tall
  • Deltah pearl necklace and earrings set from 1950's with the original box
Nine occupied Japan collection
  • All pieces marked
  • Excellent condition
105.Minnegasco mascot "Handy Flame" salt & pepper set and creamer?
106.Three mustache cups in very good condition
107.1944 child's warming dish in excellent condition
108.Budweiser beer tap handle in excellent condition.
109.Bud Light beer tap handle in excellent condition.
  • Thirteen vintage hat pins on two cards
111.Perfume bottles.
112.1969 U.S. Mail metal lunchbox in good condition
  • Vintage aluminum lunchbox and Hawthorne thermos in good condition.
114.Unused 1960's era Standard Oil advertising paper visor.
115.Sixteen miniature license plates from dated 1980 or earlier
116.Large flat of jewelry
117.Brownie Model 3A folding camera in original case
118.Vintage hand forged giant hook
  • Weighs over 15 pounds
  • Possibly used in Minnesota's early logging trade
  • Or for very big fish  
119.Four Harley Davidson models
120.Vintage jet boat trophy
121.8" spearing decoys and dehydrated frog.
122.9" spearing decoys and dehydrated frog
123.Antique Victorian perfume scent snuff bottle
124.Three metal cannon models
125.Three unique rings
126.Union Shield Army and Navy Civil War token.
127.Grand Army of the Republic Veteran badge, 1861-1866.
128.1864 Union forever coin
129.Embroidered shirt and jacket patches:
  • Anoka Police Dept
  • Indianhead
  • Arctic Cat
  • Snoboy
130.Three Harley Davidson motorcycle models and one custom chrome
motorcycle model with clock.
  • Small antlers on board
  • Two antlers
  • Vintage sportsman secrets booklet
132.Comic books and children's magazine:
  • Jughead
  • Archie
  • Texas Ranger and more
133.Dice of varying size and color
134.Antique eye glasses
135.Belt buckles
  • Vintage sprinkler made by WD Allen Mfg. Co., Chicago U.S.A.
137.Very unusual metal Kerosene can with glass windows.
  • Metal  paper holder with  advertising from A.P.W. Paper Co., Albany, NY, U.S.A.
139.Tackle box with lures
140.Seven vintage fishing lures
  • Vintage cast iron, red maritime scuba diving boot weights.
142.       Dietz lantern made in Vesta, NY, U.S.A.
  • Fire hose nozzle approximately 2"W x 10" long.
  • Cuckoo Clock made in Germany.
145.One gallon glass butter churn
146.Vintage metal and cast iron heater.
147.Bell and yoke made by Rohrer's Bells, Cokato, MN
  • Vintage quart can unopened LeMans SAE 30 Oil
149.Vintage Huffman oil jug.
  • Wooden cigar box with cardboard inserts.
151.Copper fire engine weather vane, approximately 30"W x 24" H
  • Vintage USA light lantern made by British Hong Kong.
153.Black Americana dancing wooden puppets
  • 8" and 11"
  • Powered horn with strap.
  • Decorative horn.
155.Reproduction? Native American war club.
156.Reproduction ? metal tomahawk and decorative animal teeth.
  • Randix "For Fire" 13"H telephone box.
  • Swift & Co. glass jar
  • Vintage keys
159.Vintage  16" x 16" triangle dinner bell.
160.Edison Disc phonograph, model number CC32.
  • Very good condition
  • Everything appears to work as it should except the sound is bad.
  • May need a new reproducer.
161.Brown enamel pail 9"W x 9"H
  • Vintage Hohner button box.
163.Traveling golf bag made by TaylorMade with Samual Adams advertising logo.
164.Two sets of mounted antlers.
  • 8 point and 6 point.
165.Edison Disc Phonograph CC32 records:
  • Poor Butterfly, by Raymond Hubbel, no #
  • O Come, All Ye Faithful by mixed voices with organ, # 3327
  • In The Old Sweet Way by Helen Clark and George Ballard, # 5056
  • Roses of Picardy by Violin Solo, Albert Spalding, # 7595
  • So Long, Mother by Egbert Van Alstyne, no #
  • She's A Corn-Fed Indiana Girl (But She's Mama to Me) by Eddie Kilfeather and George Olson, # 11035
166.U.S. Military pin,unknown vintage.
167.Edison Disc Phonograph CC32 records:
  • Memories by Egbert Van Alstyne,no #
  • Oh Promise Me, by Koven # 4207
  • I would rather be alone in the South, by Billy Jones and Ernst Hare. # 10627
  • Clancy's Wooden Wedding, by Teddy Simmons, # 6436
  • Rock of Ages, by Thos. Hastings,# 4100
  • It's Nice to Get Up in the Mornin, by Harry Lander, no #
  • Say it with a Ukulee, by Baily & Beat, #9062
  • Annie Laurie, by Lady John Scott, # 2173
  • Answer, by Alfred G Robyn, # 4397
  • Close to Thee, by Crosby Vail, # peeled off.
169.Edison Disc Phonograph, CC32 records:
  • Little Brown Jug, by The Blue ridge Duo, #9730
  • They Go Wild Simply Over Me, by Freddy Fisher, no #
  • Carry Me Back to Old Virginny, by James Bland, #4925
  • Vintage metal and brass whistles
  • Two vintage spinning tops
171.Two vintage bottles with buttons.
172.Unique rope dragon sculpture
173.9.5" metal crucifix 
174.8" hammer copper pan
Frosted pitcher
Ceramic dragon pitcher
Metal 'genie' lamp
Metal bird figurine
Glassware bowls
175.Two score keepers for billiards.
  • Wooden shadow box
  • Mickey and Donald novelty toy
  • Lone Ranger club card
  • Novelty motorcycle
177.Vintage advertising pieces
178.Vintage marbles.
179.Men's jewelry
  • Locks
  • Soft darts
  • Corkscrew
  • Marble pipe base
  • Boy Scout belt buckle
  • Three vintage cameras
  • Helland light meter with case
  • 2 V8  car emblems.
  • 1 eagle hood ornament
  • 1 Auto Temp thermometer.
183.JVC video 3-drawer working CD player
184.Four NIB key chain tear gas dispensers with instructions.
  • Toy gun
  • Pocket knife
  • Key chain guns
  • Gun cleaning box
  • Holsters
  • Plastic grips
186.Native American themed items:
  • Shell and bone necklaces
  • Horn necklace
  • Arrowheads
187.Sterling pieces
188.Four NIB trench periscopes 
  • 4 NIB trench periscopes
  • 2 NIB glass prism inserts
  • Vintage keys and locks
  • Wooden handle cork screw
  • Hat pins and more.
  • Vintage 1949 motorcycle magazine "The Enthusiast"   
192.24" NIB decorative fire bucket 
193.Vintage engine heater/road flare
  • Pink enamelware bowl
  • Vintage ashtray made by  Grinnell Co., Inc., founded 1850
195.Tool set
  • Wooden Northland milk box
  • Vintage Cloverleaf wooden box.
197.Two wooden buck saws
198.Vintage Supreme battery operated lantern
199.Three sterling silver pieces
200.Menageries of smalls.
201.Vintage decorative pieces,
  • Leather belt with eagle buckle
  • Compass
  • Flag pin
  • Leather black powder shot flask made by AM Flask & Cap Co.
203.Wooden  4 - level collapsible shelf/bookcase:
  • 22"W x 51"H x 11-1/2"D
  •  Mystik oil can
  • 2  metal Quaker State cans
  • Supreme paper can.
  • All empty
205.Flexible Flyer, Yankee Clipper sled. model number 10 89B
  • Metal gas cans
  • Minnow bucket
  • Metal strainer
207.Vintage iron items
208.Four military pins of unknown vintage
209.Military pin of unknown vintage
  • Antique Bramond straight edge razor made with fine India steel made by  Wade, Butcher and Sheffield
211.Vintage trinkets
212.Five sad irons and 2 trivets .
213.Vintage battery operated Delta lantern.
214.Antique Dazey butter churn No. 40
  • Three Gemsco necklaces
  • Ducks Unlimited belt buckle and pin
216.Five vintage oil cans
217. Presidential buttons:
  • Truman
  • Roosevelt
  • Eisenhower
  • and  many more
218.Hand painted carafe and glasses
  • Grommet punch
  • Display stand
  • Pyrex glass bulb
220.Grand Casino collector coins.
  • Wooden clothespin (works)
  • Metal wheels
  • Large metal screw
222.Metal chicken wall decorations
223.Six vintage cookie jars
224.Two Popeye cookie jars
225.Vintage untested radios including Coca Cola bottle radio.
  • Vintage radios
  • Speakers
  • Hand held dial phone
227.Department 56 Heritage Village:
  • New England series
  • "Pierce Boat Workshop"
228.Vintage cameras
229.Vintage toy bin
  • Resin birdbath with squirrels, small leak.
231.Metal trike planter.
232.Metal bird feeder on stand
233.Black resin bird bath.
234.Gilbert alarm clock
235.Vintage 9" 3 - piece pipe in hard case.
236.Hummel Figurines and mini plates *see all pictures*
  • #514 Holy Water Font Madonna and Child
  • #2999 Maria Virgin Maria
  • #278 Esel Donkey
  • #298 Infant Jesus
  • #297 Joseph
  • #888 Call to Worship
  • #889 Harmony in Four Parts
  • #890 Let's Tell teh World
  • #895 Strike Up the Band
  • #897 Fond Good-bye
237.Vintage Tandy space age atomic spaceship AM transistor radio
  • One gallon blue band stoneware crock
  • Wooden carved vase
239.Miscellaneous collectibles *see all pictures
* Cummins automobile electronic kit
* Desk fan
* Model car
* Henry Ford Detroit belt buckle
*And more
240.Vintage first communion doll
242.Two NIB Paul Allen bobbleheads
243.Strand of pearls wtih certificate of guarantee
244.Vintage metal tools
245.Very old intricately carved Meerschaum Amber pipe with case.
246.Aussie gas grill
247.Vintage tool box with tools
248.Wooden potty chair/planter
249.Cast iron "Flying Pig" bank. Approximately 6" long
250.1976 Reprint of First SUPERMAN Feature comic dated 1938
  • Not graded, but in excellent condition
251.Heathkit vintage labratory oscilloscope
252.WWII 25" x 16" flag of Japan containing Japanese writing, naming the locations of WWII battles.
253.WWII ? 31"x 26" Japanese flag.
254.WWII?  12"x11" Japanese flag
  • WWII? silk 40" x 28" Japanese flag
  • Silk 12" x 12" Taegu Korea flag
  • WWII? 28" x 28" Japanese flag
  • UN 12" x 12" Victory sweetheart silk 
257.Two 1936 New Jersey automobile license plates
258.Vintage tube radio
259.7.5" painted bowl
260.Ingraham pocket watch with leather strap 
  • John Deere pocket watch
  • Department of the Army pocket watch
262.Primeta Kolner Jaguar XK120 wind-up car
  • No Key
  • Made in Germany
  • Kodak Instamatic 814 camera with case
  • Kodak Brownie Hawkeye flash camera
  • Model 143, 8mm Revere Eye-Matic 8mm spool camera
264.Vintage tire inflation gauges
265.1950's Walt Disney's magazines
  • Pottery bowl, signed Charles Focht
  • Teapot, Johnson Bros., England
267.Two wooden, long handled scythes 
  • Cant hook
  • Two eveners
269.Vintage, wooden percussion fuse crate
270.Antique 16-spoke wooden wagon wheel
271.Antique 16-spoke wooden wagon wheel
272.1970's and 1980's Minnesota Twins baseball magazines
273.Vintage key spring wound clock
  • wind key is not included
274.Military memorabilia
  • Handbooks
  • Map of the United States with all cities in Japanese
  • Passes
  • Postcards
  • Asian child's jacket
  • Picture frame
  • Sweetheart pillow sham
  • Silks
  •  Lighted curio cabinet
  •  42" W x 80"H x 13"D
277.Vintage metal, patinaed hand bell
  • Cuff links
  • St. Paul Winter Carnival buttons
279.Miniature anvils
  • Two with advertising
280.Thirteen 1965-1972 JFK half dollars
  • Some duplicate years
  • Riverside Croesus green glassware dishes
  • Pitcher with crack
  • Elephant and chickadee figurines
282.Riverside Croesus covered butter dish and covered candy dish
  • 1970's Minnesota Twins and Minnesota Vikings
  • Newspapers and magazines
284.Gemini XL-300 turnable
  • Works
285.Kill-Venom vintage snake bite kit in original snap-case
  • The Owl Drug Co.
286.1960's and 1970's sport magazines, programs and yearbooks
287.Vintage Anchor Brand No. 770 washer ringer
  • Vintage NIB youth walkie-talkies
289.Three old rotary telephones
290.Vrossman air rifle 262 Sporter
291.Vintage General Electric tube radio
292.Framed 17" x 22"  military medals and badges
293.U.S. flag in glass display case
294.Framed 17" x 21" military medals, badges, and patches
295.Framed 18" x 18" military medals, badges, and patches
296.Ford Pick Up Power Wheels
  • 6 volt
  • Complete
  • Works
  • Please test
297.Harley Davidson Power Wheels
  • 6 volt
  • Complete
  • Works
  • Please test
298.Refinement convertible Power Wheels
  • Charger
  • No battery
  • Wooden mallard drake decoy with glass eyes
300.Police Car Power Wheels
  • NIB assembly required