Auction Details and Terms

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Online Auction Ending on Tuesday, June 13th - at 7:30 p.m.

Item Description
1.Federal Classic Steel Shot Shells
12 gauge 3 inches 74 pellets BBB shot
Box of 25 Shells
2.Tasco Digital Trail Camera
3.Charlie Weaver mechanical bartender. Charlie's face lights up, but no movement or smoke.
4.Decorative heavy metal ship 25" long
5.Hot Wheels new in package
6.Salt & Pepper shaker Bobbleheads
7.Salt & Pepper shaker bobbleheads
8.Salt & Pepper shaker, bobbleheads
9.Salt & Pepper shaker, bobbleheads
10.Federal Premium Shells
12 gauge, BB shot
10 shells 
Federal Premium Shells
12 gauge, 2+ shot
10 shells
11.Breaker bar 24"
12.Vintage Metal cigarette lighter, heavy
made in Japan 4.5" long
13.White gold ring with three stones. Size unknown, appears to be 5 1/2 to 6.
14.14K Gold Ring, size unknown. Appears to be 5 1/2 to 6.
15.U.S.A. Pottery 
Pink & Blue 9.5" Mixing Bowl
16.Abu Garcia
Gear Ratio 5.3:1
17.Vintage Deringer cigarette lighter 7-1/2" long
18.Vintage USA Weston Candle  cigarette lighter 6.5" tall
Vintage phone cigarette lighter 
19.Jumper Cables in Bucketboss soft case
20.Hamm's stemmed beer glass 7"
21.Hot Wheels new in package
22.1929 Brown & Bigelow print 
17" Tall and 13" Wide
23.Dutch Girl Drawing 15.5" tall x 13" wide
Dutch Girl feeding chicks print 17.5" tall  x 9.5" wide
24.Line 6 Amplifier
16" wide x 14.5' height x 8" deep
25.Mirrored wall hanging
23" W x 20.5" H x 2" D
26.Realistic Condenser microphone
27.Vintage cigarette lighters:
lift arm Enduralite, made in Japan
B & B, St. Paul MN
5" Table lighter
28.Vintage cigarette lighter
US Army Demley Cannon pull chain ​lighter
29.Technical pro Model MKR-17 microphone
30.Four hand embroidered towels
Dutch Boy/Girl
31.5 vintage cigarette lighters
32.Ten Hot Wheels new in package
33.Daiwa Millionaire Hi-Speed Reel, one handle missing
Shakespeare No. 1765 Wonderflyte push button reel
34.Hot Wheels new in package
35.Decorative ship approx. 26" wide by 20" tall
36.Six  vintage cookie jars
37.12 stereo albums 
Dionne Warwick, Crystal Gayle, Olivia Newton John
and many more
38.Nine stereo albums:
Bruce Springsteen, YES, Elton John, Kenny G, Doobie Bros.
and many more 
39.Auto zoom 3400 electronic flash unit
hook ups
40.Citadel 47" soft sided dragbag
41.Framed vintage photos and prints
42.Rabbit cookie jar
Covered wicker basket
43.Three fishing rods:
  • Cabela's GLC6042, Line wt 8-17lb test, Lure wt 1/4 - 5/8oz
  • Kodiak Premium graphite 1000-BC561M 5' 6"  medium action, lure wt 3/8 5/8oz 6 - 12 lb line.
  • Daiwa Triforce 602MRB, 6', Medium, Lure  1/4-3/4 oz, Line 8 -17lb
  • Cabala's Gold Label, GLS7042, Line wt  8- 12 test, lure wt 1/4-3/4oz
  • HMG Iron Hawk Graphite, HFC 555, 5 1/2', 5 Power, 8-20 lb test line, 1/4 -3/4 oz lure.
  • Zebco Graphite Composite, 6102, 5' 6" medium action
45.Vintage Clarks O.N.T. spool holder display
15"W x 6"H x 9"D
46.101 Dalmations plastic lunch box with  thermos
Bernstein Bears metal lunch box no thermos
47.Popeye candy dispensers
Brutus pez dispenser
Olive Oyl mug
Popeye toy stuffed
48.Popeye stuffed toys
Popeye in Las Vegas
49.Popeye and Olive Oyl collectibles
Three Pez dispensers
50.Two Behringer microphones in hard case
51.Trinkets and necklaces in wooden box
52.MAC JAC downrigger.
53.Magda Pro Line counter, MA 20DX
54.Shakespeare fishing reel. Catera 4300
55.Shakespeare Microcast reel. SYMC 4:1:1 70 yds. 
56.Canvas pig picture. 23" W x 17 1/2" H
57.Chrome Horn of Plenty lighters.
58.Super scope Cardioid Condenser microphone. EC-3
59.Old time car vase.
60.Canvas art 23"W x 23"H
61.Kewpie doll ceramic figurines.
62.Pflueger Microspin  Underspin Reel. 4410U
63.Zebco reel, 11 TPL triggerspin.
64.10" blue bowl.
65.Ceramic leaf bowl. 12"W x 19" L
  • Rhino XL RSP6 reel. 
  • Rhino rod, RNGS802M
  • ​ 2PC Line
  • Wt 6-15
  • Lure Wt  1/8-5/8
  • Action Medium.
67.Ship made from pieces of animal horn.
68.SLIK tripod.
69.Cabela's fly fishing rod case and Fenwick Eagle graphite rod for fly fishing:
  • E85-86F
  • 8'6"
  • #6
  • 3 1/2oz lure
70.Vintage baby buggy with mattress.
71.Two ceramic roosters.
72.Rolling cabinet 35"W x 35"H x 15 1/2"D
73.Wood and glass library cabinet 36"W x 74"H x 13"D
74.Vintage clock, does not work.
75.Hamm's Baseball Athlete Collectible stein. Numbered 872
From The House of Wiebracht. 11"H with a pewter hinge. PLEASE NOTE SIZE CHANGE!
76.Vintage pig and elephant bottles with cork. 7 3/4" H.
Marked USA
77.Chalkware string holder.
78.Pottery statue of a woman 34"H
79.Plaster statue. 15"
80.Stained glass windmill, 13"H
81.Giant wrist watch motif metal clock. 
82.Three cookie jars.
  • Edward Mobley sqeaky dog
  • Framed picture of a child and puppy.
84.Oak high chair no tray
85.Humidor 12"W x 27"H x 12 1/2"D
86.Primitive stool
87.Three framed pictures.
  • Dobbs Fifth Ave hat box with a partial leather strap
  • ​Black hats
  • 23" decorative pitcher.
  • Wooden elephant 42"
90.Leather suitcase 25"W
91.Rochester Root Beer barrel. 13" round X 25" H. Insert and taps.
92.Chicago telephone, Elkhart Indiana 8 3/4" W x 25 1/2"H x 6"D. The phone is heavy. There are mechanics inside of the phone. We don't know if they are all there.
93.Two watches and two rings, keys, and more.
94.BerkleyPara/Metric curved taped fishing rod
in hard case
Eagle Brand/Tokyo Japan
95.Akai Microphone and cord
96.Vintage wooden child's crutch 
97.Vintage Borden's milk jug
one gallon
with handle and cork stopper
98.Vintage wooden pull dog toy
99.Vintage ceramic Indian head trinket box
with removable top 
100.Knight's Armor Helmet Lighter and Ashtray set.
101.Red Plastic Striker Lighter
102.Three Lighters:
  • Green Oval Ceramic Lighter
  • Marble Rectangular Green Lighter
103.Vintage Decanter Lighters 
104.Fortune Chrome Dark Blue Glass Lighter
105.Match Winner / Podmaster Gun Lighter
106.Four Lighters:
  • Bronze Ceramic Lighter
  • Cedar Point Ohio Lighter
  • Liberty 1886-1986 Can Lighter
  • Brazil Lighter & Storage for Cigarettes (in bottom)
  • Japan Plaster Vase 8-1/2"
  • Orange wooden 5" 
  • Pour Chanill Porcelaines 5"
108.Maxfield Parrish-style Picture
109.Wall art:
  • Dutch Children 
  • Two Dutch Girls
110.Wall art:
  • Asian-themed Boy 
  • Boy with Rabbit
  • Dog with Friends on the Beach
111.Wall Art: 
  • Girl Toddler eating Fruit
  • "Goldilocks" Annie Benson Muller print
  • Goldilocks-theme with three stuffed bears
112.About Seven pounds (Mostly Brass) Casings
113.About Seven pounds (Mostly Brass) Casings
114.Marksman Pellet Rifle Model 740  .177 cal. 
115.Daisy Model 130 Pellet Rifle
116.Dolls - Furga, Littlest Angel, Danish-themed and "Fluffy Girl Scout"
117.Sirius Satellite Radio with Antenna/Cord, untested.
118.Fishing Boat Shelf Unit - 34" 
119.Vintage Hand Statue and Glass Bowl
120.11 quarts of Phillips 66 Injex Pro 2-cycle Snowmobile Oil
121.Underwood Standard Typewriter No. 5
122.Popeye Collectibles:
  • Stuffed Popeye
  • Popeye Belt Fob/Purse
  • 2 Mugs - Popeye; Olive Oyl
123.Popeye Collectibles:
  • Stuffed Popeye
  • Squeeze rubber Popeye
  • Two Mugs - Popeye; Olive Oyl
124.Husky Ball Bearing Tool Chest. This is in great shape and the drawers pull smoothly.
125.Pet Lodge Cage; Plastic Mat, Pad and Food Keeper
17.5" wide x 2' deep x 20" high
126.Wooden SIG Kit Tool Box; Three 12" Drawers; Four Side open compartments.  2' wide x 11" deep
127.Portafolia Gifted Memories 16" jewelry box with two keys. 
128.Quick Finessa No. 280 Reel with box and original manual and book:
"Fishing Trips" by Bob Pond.
129.Okuma Epixor EB80 Spin Reel with parts list, extra spool and bag.
130.Axcess 5-Drawer metal cabinet; drawers lined;
11" wide x 16" deep.
131.Unfinished Box; wooden with latch; 2' wide x 9.5" deep
132.Shakespeare Underspin Ti 1800 Reel - appears new in the package
133.Black & Decker Bench Top Work Center & Vise
134.Kennedy Metal "Security Front" Tool Box with two keys; Two Drawers
20" wide x 8" deep x 13.5" high
135.Hodgeman Stockingfoot Waders - Size Large
136.Cigar Boxes - four different brands
137.12 LP's. - Various Artists including Lena Horne, Patti Page, Pat Boone, Lionel Richie, Beach Boys, Tina Turner, Tony Orlando, Dean Martin, Vaughn Monroe, Petula Clark, Louis Armstrong and Connie Francis.
138.12 LP's including Johnny Rivers, the Doobie Brothers, Barry Manilow, West Side Story, The Association, The Carpenters, Sammy Davis Jr., Chicago, Jesus Christ Super Star, Bobby Vinton and Rod Stewart.
139.12 LP's including The Beach Boys, Danny and the Juniors, frank Sinatra, Weird Al, Neil Diamond, Iron Butterfly, Foreigner, Elton John, Dan Fogelberg, Rex Wells And Christopher Cross.
140.10 LP's including Doris day, Mitch Miller, Gene Pitney,  Herb Alpert, The 5th Dimension, Grand Funk a, Blood Sweat and Tears, Ella Fitzgerald and Super Tramp.
141.12 LP's including The Temptations, The Chipmunks, Foreigner, Earth Wind and Fire, West Side Story, Nat King Cole, ELO, Diana Ross, Steve Winwood, The Guess Who, Natalie Cole and Steely Dan.
142.Wooden Chest with two interior removable shelves
33" wide x 16.5" deep x 15" high
143.Horse Table Statue - 24 inches tall; Cracked at tail base joint.
144.Aqua-Vu  underwater video camera
145.Vintage Little Red Riding Hood picture under bubble glass with ornate gold gilded frame.
146.Red Wing 5-gallon shoulder jug.
147.Vintage Occasional Table - 27 inches high
148.Dressmaker's Mannequin 
149.Red Metal File Cabinet with Six Drawers
27" high x 16" deep x 11" wide
150.Natural wicker side table - 22" tall
151.Alaska Muskegon Michigan Oak Ice Box styled Cabinet
22"W x 26"H x 16" D; right side panel separated from base.
152.Vintage wicker hamper with hinged lid
31" H x 17.5"D
153.Brown & Bigalow ship's wheel lighter
  • Copper Plated Urn
  • Hawaiian Lava
  • United Turned Hardwood
155.Pewter Unicorn Lighter; missing horn.
  • Idealine Round Chrome with brass insert
  • West Germany Colibry Kreisler
  • Swirled Amber Glass
  • Euans Creame China Italy
  • Evans Gold Genie Lamp
  • Italy Gold Tube 
  • Evana Gold in Leather Pail
  • Circa 1956 Ronson Table
  • Evans Bone China White
160.Native-themed Art - 30" W x 17"H
161.Stained Glass Wall Panel
19" H x 31" W; Cracked/missing section
162.Riding in Style picture; 26" W x 20" H
163.Wells Fargo & Co. Express Form 104 with hand-drawn horses; framed.
164.Vintage salt and pepper shakers.
165.Ten salt and pepper sets
166.Vintage wooden corner unit shelf
Three shelves; 23.5" tall
167.Women's Arctic Cat bike.
  • Child's Winter Hat (wool?)
  • I bark for Britton S.D. Plate 9"
  • Griswold New American 8" Reversible Steel Spindle
  • Starfish
169. El Paso TX leather  shoulder holster.
170.Memorex Digital CD Alarm Clock - Battery Option Only
No DC plug cord or earbuds; Batteries not included; Untested
171.Hamilton Beach Food Processor 
Includes 3 Blades plus tower piece; Appears to work
Model 70596 Type FP11
172.Little pig covered dish.
173.Cassette case with 20 tapes, various artists.
174.Mayflower Model Ship
Base: 11"; H 22"; 25" W
175.Decanter Set; decanter and four matching stem glasses.
Made in Romania; 6 pieces
176.Marlboro "Unlimited Gear" Rolling travel bag; 
177.Avery Power Hunter; Mossy Oak Layout Goose Blind    
178.Vintage three-photo framed - Little Girls
Basket/Ceramic collage of pine cones
  • Tasco 7x35 mm Zip Focus Binoculars with case
  • Jason 7x25 mm Model 1193 Binoculars with case
180.Belkin Wi-Fi Router N300; appears new in the box
181.Glass poodle Vermouth decanter. Seal unbroken.
182.Full box of Federal Classic HHV Steel shotgun shells. 2 3/4". Size T shot.
183.Stanley Mechanics 150 piece Tool Set.
184.Vintage Walking Cane
185.Vintage Walking Cane
186.Vintage Walking Cane
187.Metal Ship  24" base
188.A-framed 4-drawer trinket box; hand made with Mother of Pearl (?) inlay.
189.Women's Arctic Cat bike.
190.Vintage picture of boy tending his sheep; 13" W x 20" H
191.Dutch Boy/Girl ceramic planters and ceramic windmill pitcher.
192.Indians on horses watercolor
24.5"W x 18"H x 1.5" D
193.Netgear wireless router WGR614
Dell External USB Optical Disc Drive
194.DAK shotgun Microphone
195.When Day is Done print
18"W x 14.5"H 
  • Memorex microphone
  • 45 LP's
198.Ceramic and wooden items with a Netherlands theme.
199.Ceramic piggy bank 13"W x 7"H
200.Cabela's Sweetwater rod in soft case:
  • CB-127
  • 8'.5"  6 - 7 wt. line
201.Pair children's moccasins, size unknown.
202.Scripto cigarette lighter display case with key:
  • 29"H x 14"W x 9"D
203.Barska binoculars: 7 x 35
204.Guitar Hero microphone with cord
Memorex microphone with cord
206.Red Wing pitcher:
  • 4" W x 7" H x 6"D
207.Cast iron Dutch girl bank. 5 1/2"H
208.Vintage Oscilloscope:
  • 12"W x 8"H x 16"D
209.Vintage candle making mold:
  • 5.5"W x 9"H x 5"D
210.Vintage milking stool:
  • 9"W x 11"H x 7"D
211.Vintage sugar barrel with wooden handle
  • 13"W x 13"H x 13"D
212.Brass and copper foot warmer. Date stamped 1908
213.17" wooden bovine.
214.12" ceramic sheep.
215.Craftsman Stack-On tool box.
216.Machinist tool chest. 23"W x 14 1/2" H x 10"D
217.Tascam 38. Reel to Reel Tape Player.
218.OTARI MX5050 Reel to Reel Tape Player.
219.Dresser with mirror. 42"W x 36"H x 21"D
220.Vintage  8-track cassette tapes.
221.Wicker loveseat, 56"W.
222.Primitive wooden bench. 56"W x 19"H
223.Wicker chair.
224.Curio cabinet with wooden shelves. 33"W x 62"H x 15"D
225.Central Machinery pedestal bench grinder
226.Swivel wooden chair.
227.Oak Roll top desk and chair. 
228.Decorative end table with covered cabinet. 22"W x 25"H x 12"D
229.Large wooden rocking chair.
230.Wooden end table. 22"W x 24"H x 16"D
231.Vintage glass milk jugs with advertising
233.Halls Kitchenware:
  • Pitcher
  • Teapot
  • Salt and Pepper Shakers
234.Child-size  chamber pot made of wicker and enamel:
  • 9.5W x 6"H x 9.5"D
235.Vintage cigarette lighter.
236.Vintage cigarette lighters:
  • Ronson
  • Made in Japan (with feet)
  • Brass trophy 
237.Vintage cigarette lighters:
  • Royal Hagar 813-H (blue)
  • Ceramic horse head unmarked
238.Vintage Ronson cigarette lighter, made in France
239.Vintage leather cigarette lighter.
240.Two vintage lighters.
241.Vintage cigarette lighters
  • 11.5"H orange lighter
  • Small silver plate lighter.

242.Vintage metal bread box.11"W x 7"H x 8"D
243.Vintage bobble head salt and pepper shakers
244.Vintage glass sprinkling bottle and clothes pins.
245.Vintage Gabriel alarm clock in box.
246.Vintage Universal household scale. Landers, Frary and Clark.
  • Dutch boy and girl salt and pepper shakers, 8 1/4" high
  • Dutch boy planter 8 1/4" high
248.Vintage battery operated cow. It walks forward and its head and tail move left to right. Made in Japan
249.Samson Audio 8Kit drum microphone kit. For stage or studio.
250.Dining room table with leaf, 2 captain chairs, 4 chairs, 42"W x 66" L without leaf.
251.Oak plant stand. 30"H
252.47" wall shelf.
253.Ironwood (?) monkey. 12". Heavy.
254.Honda three-wheeler motor, shaft driven. 
255.Helicopter from 21st Century Toys, 40" L.
256.Telex 4.1 Multimedia Speaker System, new in box.
257.Arctic Team Jacket. Appears to be size L.
258.Arctic Cat jacket. Appears to be size large.
259.Arctic Cat snowmobile suit, size large.
260.HP 335 photo printer with photo paper and carrying case. Untested
261.5-gallon glass jug.
262.Men's Specialized brand bike from Erik's Bike Shop. 24" inside diameter wheels. Light weight aluminum ? frame. Works great.
263.Rolling cabinet with 4 drawers and a side drawer. 30"W x 43H" x 18"D. Has detachable light.
264.Gray metal cabinet with 14 drawers. 20"W x 38"H x 13.5"D.
265.Oak three-drawer cabinet full of CDs. 24"W x 39"H x 9"D.
266.Gray metal cabinet with 30 drawers. 30"W x 37"H x 16"D.
267.Wrought iron plant shelf, collapsible. 21"W x 37"H x 9"D.
268.Rolling metal four drawer cabinet. 29"W x 47"H x 27"D.
269.Wooden reloading station with reloading equipment. 39"W x 34"H x 19"D.
270.Craftsman Mechanics tool set.  104-pc set, appears complete.
271.About Six pounds of .223 Remington brass.
272.Large mouth bass, approximately 19" long.
273.Dremmel Sanding Tool in case.
274. Microphone, Unisphere I Dynamic, Shure Bros Inc. Model PE56D. 
275.Pro Tech 6" Bench Grinder with adjustable lamp, model 8103.
276.Welcome Aboard clock, shaped like life preserver.
277.Western Stoneware water cooler. Monmouth, Ill., 10 1/2" tall.
278.Crock cover, lip inside diameter 8".
279.Piece of driftwood shaped like a flying goose.
281.Lee hand press kit.  Loads largest magnum cartridges.
282.About Four pounds of .44 Remington Magnum W-W super brass.
283.Tasco Telescope
284.Electric ship clock, United brand.
285.Three-section Stack-On Wooden Mechanics Rolling Chest, 23"W x 50"H x 14"D.
286.Set of four wooden TV trays with a stand. 
  • Popeye game, incomplete
  • Popeye miniature figurines
288.Five-gallon Red Wing shoulder jug.
  • Glass horse head
  • Ceramic elephant
  • Elephant statue
  • Green glass candy dish
290.Brass(?) drawer pulls. Heavy.
291.Vintage sad iron.  Marked: B STAS 3340-52 37
292.Metal roof vent.
293.Swift Instruments International microscope. Marked Japan
294.Vintage photos and advertising brochures.
295.Husky Air Compressor, 2.0SCFM, 135 PSI, 1.75 gal
296.Heavy Metal cabinet, 78"W x 41"H x 24"D.  The photos were taken while the cabinet was on its side.
297.Double carousel, approximately 17"H x 14"W.
298.Vintage Alladin oil lamp, no globe.
299.Vintage glass lamp, appears to be hand painted, 9 1/2".
300.Popeye collectibles:
  • Salt and pepper shakers
  • Kazoos from 1934
  • View-Master slides
301.Wicker "tea pot" with metal handle and legs, 18"H.
302.Platinum Plus by Sunpak Travel Lite digital tripod. 
303.Boat model. 14" long.
304.Silver Bay telescopic rod with reel seat, 14' SB-14S. In other words: a collapsible cane pole
305.Ship TV lamp.
306.About Five Pounds of 9mm Winchester Luger Brass.
307.Vintage cast iron horse head. Was used on playground equipment.
308.Electronic cords, most new in package.
309.Daiwa 4HM fishing reel.
310.Metal doll highchair.
311.Microphones and stand in soft case.
312.Green vase,  USA 829, 9"H.
313.Rhythm Maker, professional drum pedal.
314.Lot of vintage bottles:
  • Goodrich Drug, Anoka, MN
  • California Perfume
  • Hoff's Liniment
  • Stewart's Bluing

and more
315.Three cutaway books to "hide" your valuables.
316.Framed vintage watercolor, 25"W x 21"H
317.Vintage ceramic lady with serving tray.
318.Mare and foal framed picture, 22"W x 18"H, signed.
319.Two Shoot Dino water guns. NIB
320.Two Shoot Dino water guns. NIB
321.Two Shoot Dino water guns. NIB
322.Two dinosaur T shirts, adult 2XL
323.Two dinosaur T shirts, adult large.
324.Two dinosaur T shirts, youth 10-12.
  • Decorative Parrot, 10"
  • Ceramic bluebird 6"
  • Both unmarked
326.Vintage mirror 33" x 33".
327."Santamaria"  wooden ship, 40"W x 34"H x 11"D, base is loose.
328.Pair of tires, Kenda 22 x 110.
329.Old trunk, 36"W x 18"H x 21"D.
330.Old Lawyers Sectional Book Case, 51"W x 55"H x 14"D.  This can be taken apart in sections without tools.