Auction Details and Terms

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Online Auction Ending on Tuesday, May 30th - at 7:30 p.m.

Item Description
1.Vintage toy cars.
2.Magnavox stereo.  Model # MAS85/17 CD and cassettes. 
3.Two Ice fishing rods and one Microspin reel.
  • Three Ice fishing Rods and  a  Shakespeare Reel
  • Appear New
5.Crosman Model 1377 American Classic Single shot .177 Caliber Pellet or BB Pump Action gun.
  • Rubbermaid CarWares hose nozzle
  • Sunglasses
  • Aluminum hook
7.Carved wooden female African bust.
8.Sportscam Full HD 1080P Wi-Fi DV. waterproof action camera
9.Model of clipper ship.
  • Vintage Tonka Camper
  • Vintage Roulette
  • Old Baseballs
11.Several vintage fishing lures including a Hula Popper and Lazy Ikes along with enough new in the package tackle to fill a new tackle box which you can also buy at lot #341.
12.#8 Federal game shells in plastic case. 20 gauge.
13.Remington OpticsExpress Series Binoculars
Model 8102
8 x 40
New in Box
14.49-piece Stanley Tool Set
Home and Auto Series
  • Large Bug Jacket
  • 6 x 8 Camo Tarp
  • 12 x 16 Reversible Tarp
16.Hewlett Packard 03A Laser Jet  Printer Cartridge
C3903A Black.
17.Soft sided Laptop Case, easel, headphones
and accessories
  • Glacier Bay Soft Sided Rod Storage System "New"
  • Two Ice Fishing Rods
  • Ice Fishing Rod and Reel
  • Croxton Ice Soft Sided Bag
  • Three Ice fishing rods with slip covers
  • Rod with Shakespeare Reel
20.Plainsman Automatic Pistol:
  • CO2 Powered
  • Healthways brand
  • Smooth bore No. 9401
  • Rifled barrel No. 9400
21.Three wooden sailors. 8" H.
22.Arctic Cat parking signs and a faded no trespassing sign.
23. Art glass decorative horse, 9".
24. Decorative pottery bust, 15".
25.Topscore  BB Air pistol BB gun.
26.Carved Asian resin figure, 27"H in religious attire.
27.Cast iron Popeye bank, 6" H.
28. Wire basket, 15".
29.Bachman HO Scale train. 
  • US First Day Covers book with many first day issue stamps
  • Vintage stamp book
  • Golden Replicas of United State Stamps
  • Two books about collecting stamps
32.15" metal elephant stand.
34.Large model of a ship, 38"L.
35.Fender Catalina guitar. Crack at neck.
36.Cast iron door stop. 8"
37.Dutch girl cast iron door stop. 13"H
38.Spatterware pitcher.
39.9" Spongeware bowl.
40.Bell helmet, ages 14 and up so you don't get your bell rung.
41.Gilbert Erector set.
42.Four ice fishing rods and a Shakespeare reel.
43.Calterm wire stripper and soldering iron.
44. Steer statue, 14" L. Horns need repair.
45.Red Wing chicken feeded. Excellent condition.
46.Ceramic pitcher.
47. Green pitcher, 9".
  • Elephant brand Java box
  • Green pitcher, 12"
49.Basset hound figurine, 12" L.
50.Beagle bookends.
51.Vintage bottles and a pipe rest.
52.Two steins and a Toast to Merriment book .
  • Sea shell
  • Conch
  • Petrified tree fungus
54.Salt and Pepper Bobblehead shakers.
55.Salt and Pepper Bobblehead shakers.
56.Salt and Pepper Bobblehead shakers.
57.Vintage books.
58.Animal figurines.
59.Wooden chest with 4 ceramic drawers.
60.Three ceramic banks.
61.Jim Beam Devil dog decanter.
62.Three ceramic figurines.
63.Asian themed decanters, cat figurine and 2 matching jade(?) pieces.
64.Magnum Field Camo bag. 22" x 11" x 12"
65.Fruit of the Loom:
  • 1 package of V-Neck XL t-shirts
  • 2 packages of Men's briefs XL.
  • Rope, new in package
  • 46-piece socket and bit set
  • 6-piece screwdriver set
  • Package of wicks 
  • Knife
  • Ruko knife with case
  • Unknown amount of rope
  • New work gloves
  • Multi tool knife
  • Puma knife with case
  • Red utility knife
  • And more
69.Asian themed monkey statues. 15" and 8" tall.
70.Planters, 6" tall.
71.Three planters between 6" and 7" tall.
72.Two sets of salt and pepper shakers.  The motorcycle set is a bobblehead.
73.Vintage TV lamp 12"W x 10" H.
74.Framed fly collection with each fly labeled. 11"W x 17"H.
  • Horse statue 9"H
  • Globe on a stand 8"H
  • Greyhound figure 
76.Noah's Ark cookie jar, 11"H.
77.Mr. Frog cookie jar, Dept. 56., 11"H.
78.St. Bernard cookie jar, 10"H.
79.Cat on a bee hive cookie jar, 12" H.
80.Cookie jar, bird with hat and coat, 12"H.
81.African decor:
  • Statue, 16"H
  • Framed cloth art, 6" x 5"
  • Wooden painted vase with lid, 6"
  • Elephant pillar candle holder, 12"H
82.African totem decor:
  • Totem head, 13"H
  • Bird head mask, wall mount, 18"H
  • Native head mask, wall mount, 20"H
83.2-piece totem mask set:
  • 4 1/2"W x 16"H
  • 3 1/2"W x 12"H
84.Wooden carved face, 25" H.
85.African decor:
  • Kimathi mask, 16"H
  • Kofia mask, 21" H
  • Delo vase, 10"H
  • Abalone natural stone mask, 8"
86.Lenox pieces:
  • Relish dish, 24K, 9"W x 5"H
  • Compote, 6'D
  • Covered compote, 8"D
87.Lenox pieces:
  • ​Two nesting bowls, 5 1/2"D and 4 1/2"D
  • Round vase, 8"H
  • Rectangular vase, 8'H
  • Small vase, 6"H
88.Lenox pieces:
  • Swan 2"H, with certificate of authenticity
  • Vase, 6"H
  • "Snowy Gift" snowman figurine, 3 1/2" tall, with box and certificate of authenticity
89.Lady and the Tramp collectible items:
  • Stuffed set
  • Disney ceramic set, 6 1/2"H
  • Disney figurines
  • Xmas ornament with puppies
  • Blocks
90.Salt and pepper shakers.
  • Metal bird sculpture, 21" 1/2"H
  • Giraffe, 13 1/2" H
  • Asian sculpture with mask, 10" H
92.Clown cookie jar, hairline crack at the bottom, 11" H.
93.Horse planters and a horse decoration for the wall.
94.Royal Copley horse planter 8 1/2"H.
  • Glass horse on a base
  • Moon and star night light, works
  • Jute horse, 8"H
96.Terra cotta painted pig.
97.Cookie jar Jug. 11"H
98.Cookie jar Treasure Chest, 8 1/2"
99.Assorted horse themed decorations.
100.Bear cookie jar, 12"H.
101.Crossman air power pistol.
  • Vintage dolls, some Barbie
  • Captain Kirk
  • Ideal doll with eyes that open/close
103.20 MM 1 Dummy 1-7 LC-53 bullet
  • Ninja Turtles
  • Batman figurines
  • Donna Douglas Card
105.Guide Series Rear Drag spinning reel, Model GS200RD.
106.Daiwa Procaster SM-2A, high speed, narrow spool baitcasting reel with box and manual.
107.Baitcast Reel, CZH40 with box.
108.Daiwa Procaster Lite, dual ball bearing baitcasting reel, PL1500, light fresh water with box and manual.
109.Ambassadeur Abu Garcia for Life reel. Made in Sweden.
110.Garcia Mitchell 38 fishing reel.
111.Netgear wireless router, new in box.
  • Shure brand microphone and cord
  • Vintage Amphenol microphone
113.Electro Voice 631 microphone.
114.Magnifying stereoscope in a case.
115.Watt Wear apple bowl. Advertising reads "Quality Inter-state Lumber Co."
116.Vintage super heroes. 
117.Costume jewelry.
118.10-Piece Junior Tool Set from Tractor Supply Company.
119.The Lone Ranger, small replica lunchbox shaped tin.
  • Three ceramic kewpie dolls
  • Wicker dog purse 
  •  Ceramic animal collectibles
  • Black Americana baby figure
  • Salt and pepper shaker
  • And more
122.Collection of vintage stamps and vintage comic books.
Comic books include:
  • ​Walt Disney's Uncle Scrooge
  • Harvey Comics Funday Funnies
  • Harvey Comics Casper Nightmare the Galloping Ghost
  • Disney's Duck Tales
  • Archie Series Faculty Funnies
  • Collection of vintage stamps
  • ​Seven Harvey Comics Devil Kids Hot Stuff
124.Guide Series rear drag spinning reel.
125.NIB Zebco Platinum reel.  All metal micro 11plt triggerspin. .
126.NIB Zebco Platinum reel. All metal 733 heavy spincast.
127.NIB Zebco Rhino reel. Wide spool design, RBC340
128.Daiwa Sealine Series 27H high speed lake/ocean level wind reel with box and manual.
  • Wooden paddle from McCann paddles
  • Fishing net
  • Vintage Popeye necklace. Pull string and his arms flap
  • Vintage wooden Popeye
  • Stuffed Popeye
131.Microphone with foam cover and case.
132.K'Nex Rippin Rocket Roller Coaster game.
133.Model ship. About 29" long.
  • Seven drinking glasses, Popeye and the gang
  • Popeye thermos
  • Popeye lunch box with thermos
  • Olive Oyl and Sweet Pea squeak toy
136.Two Gurkha Premium cigar boxes, sealed.
137.Four watches, Elgin, Skagen, Kenneth Cole.
138.Tackle box containing materials for tying flies.
  • 100th Anniversary Denver Mint
  • Three Centuries of Nickels
  • Last silver quarter 1964, First state quarter 1999
  • American Dimes fo the 20th century
  • Barber silver dime mint mark set
  • 100th Anniversary Denver Mint
  • Three Centuries of Nickels
  • Last silver quarter 1964, First state quarter 1999
  • American Dimes fo the 20th century
  • Barber silver dime mint mark set
141.America the Beautiful National Parks coin sets, 2010:
  • Hot Springs National Park
  • Grand Canyon National Park
  • Yellowstone National Forest
  • Mt. Hood National Forest
  • Yosemite National Forest
  • Lincoln cent varieties
  • Bicentennial medal 1787-1987
  • Two San Diego 200th Anniv. commemorative medals, released July 16, 1968
  • Harry S. Truman token
143.Collection of vintage stamps.
144.Three traps.
145.Rifle rest, Hyscore brand.
146.Tray of Fishing lures. 
147.Bausch & Lomb microscope.
148.Tray of Fishing lures.
149.Tray of Fishing lures.
  • John Adams Presidential $1.00 coin
  • American Revolution Bicentennial Commemorative Medal
  • Two old small cigar boxes that were used to store stamps
  • Copper and zinc pennies
  • Old compass
152.Commemorative Stamps:
  • Three 1975 Bicentennial First Day Cover
  • Three 1976 Bicentennial First Day Cover
  • American Revolution Commemorative Medal
  • Yellow painted wicker basket
  • Ceramic planter with yellow flowers
  • Painting dated 1978
154.Lamp with shade. Base is made of resin-type material. 
155.Large Plano toolbox filled with fly fishing accessories.
156.Decorative pottery planter with a metal base, 13" tall.
157.Vintage suitcase with leather straps. 12" x 8" x 12"D.
158.Patchwork leather stool from Pier 1 Imports.
159.Driftwood and butterfly/moth collection glass lamp.
Approximately 13".  With shade, 28".
160.Daiwa Millionaire Classic 300 Baitcasting reel,
new in box. 
161.Stained glass lamp shade. 16" diameter at the bottom. Finial is bent.
162.Two marble?  elephant figures by sculptor A. Santini.  Heavy.
163.Carved wooden Asian princess 47" H X 7" wide
164.Vintage floor lamp
9" base width x 65" tall 
shade width 20"
165.Wicker covered wine jug with cork and tassle, 17.5" H.
166.Resin topiary 34 1/2" tall.
167.Animal skin drum. 23"H x 12" diameter at top.
168.Ceramic Popeye cookie jar, 13".
169.Nude with Peacock Lamp
9" W x 27" H x 8"D
170.Vintage Toro Snow Pup with manual.
Works Good!
171.Woolrich Jacket
size Large
172.Nautica Jacket
size XL
173.Dickies lined canvas jacket 
2XL new with tags
174.Redwood lined wool men's car coat
size 50
175.Harvard Square Fleece Pullover
size XL
176.Brass shell casings. About 7 pounds.
177.Shingled hanging wooden birdhouse
13" W x 12" H x 10" D
  • Two boxes sealed 22 cal. Hornady bullets, quantity 100 each
  • One box sealed Hornady V-Max 22 cal  bullets, quantity 250
179.Wooden case 12.5" W x 11" H x 5" D
180.Berry's Preferred plated bullets
45 cal. 230 gr round nose DS
quantity 250, sealed box
181.Berry's Preferred plated bullets
9 1115 gr RN DS
open box
182.Lee Pro 4-20 Electric Metal Melter
183.Vintage Fly fishing reel.
184.Vintage Ceramic Salt box. Has hole at top for hanging.
185.(2) Sony F-96 Microphones
186.Carbtip 7-1/4 x 40T Dado blade
Aluminum Screw Posts
Lead straps
187.Twig Wreath approx. 44" x 44"
188.Yorkville Amplifier
17" W x 19" H x 14" D
189.No. 6-1/2 All Electric Erector Set
190.Hanging Glass Fruit Lamp
approx. 22" long and 12" wide
191.Vintage brass bicycle horn. 
192.Brass elephant, 6"W x 5" T.
193.Cat with a hat cookie jar.
194.Tall vase, 18".
195.Ottoman with a removable top. 
196.Stage stand.
197.Two large packages of squirt guns.
198.Wooden document organizer with hanging files
15" W x 15" H x 12" D
199.Wooden sailboat lamp
12" base x 35" height x 19" shade width
200.Triangle dinner bell.
  • Three old bottles.
202.Cast iron cat. 9"W
203.Vintage salt and pepper shakers.
204.Olive jar.
205.20" H green candle holder.
206.Holiday plates and pitcher.
207.Iron, and glass table, 17" in diameter and 24" H.
208.Table with drawer,15"W x 26"H x 12"D.
209.DVD, CD,VHS cabinet on a swivel bottom, 12"W x 48"H x 12"D 
210.Occasional table, 26"W x 29"H x 23"D.
211.Side table, 26"W x 29"H x 14"D
212.Three drawer stand, 28"W x 29"H x 14"D.
213.Coffee table, 34"W x 20H" x 23"D.
214.Wrought iron table, 18"W x 23"H x 12"D.
215.Drop leaf desk, 19"W x 38"H x 14"D
216.Six-drawer wooden cabinet with small drawers. 25"W x 10.5"H x 19"D
217.Machinist wooden cabinet. 26"W x 19"H x 11"D. Appears new.
218.Oak stand, 12"W x 24"H x 14"D
219.Executive desk chair in good condition.
220.Dresser with five drawers, 19"W x 51"H x 12"D 
221.Cedar Chest. 40"W x 21"H x 16"D
222.Stool  24"H
223.Four-drawer wooden oak filing cabinet with keys.
16"W x 51"H x 16"D
224.24" Personal Electronic Cutter by Cricut.
225.HP Envy printer model, # 4502. Unopened box.
226.Cabinet on wheels, 19"W x 32"H x 19"D 
227.Two wooden oak end table speaker tables. 22"W x 24"H x 16 1/2"D.
Speakers are Pioneer Model # CS-77A
228.Sansui speakers. SP7500X, 17 1/2W x 26"H x 11"D
229.Vanity top with sink. 61" W  X 21 1/2"D
230.Old Three Legs by Les Kouba 513/2000, 34"W x 28"H
231.Framed picture, 24" W x 28"H
232.Framed picture 27"W x 32"H, 405/1000  by DEREK
233.The Conservationists by Terry Redlin. 759/129500. 33"W x 24"H
234.Oak chest of drawers, 19"W x 51"H x 16"D
235.Lighted cabinet with ship. 14"W x 14"H x 9"D
  • 1993 Nolan Ryan Promint Gold Card
  • 1993 Barry Bonds Promint Gold Card
  • 1994 Duke Snider Legends Card...signed
  • 1994 Jim Palmer Legends Card...signed
  • 1994 Frank Robinson Legends Card...signed
  • 1994 Bob Gibson Legends Card....signed
All have certificates of authenticity.
237.Three celebrity photos and vintage stamps.
238.Five colored vases.
239.Three 1950's postcards.
240.US Army leather case with mirror.
241.Hotel Leamington large advertising matchbook.
242.Two Coca-Cola bottle openers.
243.Five colored vintage vases.
245.Five colored vintage vases.
246.Two colored vintage vases.
247.Five colored vintage vases.
248.Three vintage comic books.
249.Little Dot's and Little Lotta comic books.
250.Arrow Lift Model # A 18.1- 2004 stair lift machine. Untested.
251.Metal clothing rack. Picture shows it disassembled.
252.Wood Stock BB gun 
253.Vintage Daisy Plastic stock BB gun.
254.Kolpin Brown Bear Compound Bow. String length 37"
255.Marksman  .177 cal. 14.5 mm BB gun with scope
256.Large metal ship for the wall. Approximately 24"W 
257.Metal Airplane Wall Decor approx. 19".
  • Metal Ship wall decor
  • Metal Airplaine wall decor
259.Alaskan IPA Tap Handle, good condition
260.Michelob Golden Light tap handle, good condition.
261.Bud Light tap handle
good condition
262.Heineken tap handle, new in box.
263.Budweiser tap handle NIB
264.Ceramic Lighted Ship.
265.Brass casings
266.Vintage  wood-handled tools. 
267.The 64 Chromonica, 4 chromatic octaves, professional model. M.Hohner Germany, with case.
268.Vintage Emerson Popeye record player, works.
269.Vintage Popeye and spinach cookie jar. 11"W x 12 1/2"H. Light crazing.
270.Three tier plant stand with glass mosaic shelves, 42"W x 27"H x 12"D.
271.Margaret Mitchell's "Gone with the Wind" hardcover book and an a bonus shelf decoration
272.Sansui Turntable (appears new)
273.Large locking case.
274.Indian Head Buffalo proof dollar, copy # AB5571.
275.Costume jewelry.
276.Costume jewelry. 
277.Costume jewelry.
  • Two baseball gloves
  • MacGregor catchers mitt
  • King baseball glove
279.Set of flatware, matching pieces, Wm. A. Rogers.
280.11 vintage spoons in felt case.
281.Set of flatware in wooden case.
  • Ladies quartz watch, Meera brand
  • Men's Fossil watch
283.Set of Russian coins. "The End of an Era...The Fall of the Soviet Union.
  • World War I penny collection
  • America's classic coins
  • Silver nickel mint mark collection
  • Vanishing coin collection
  • Minnesota Twins t-shirt, size L
  • Book - Baseball in Minnesota
  • Baseball cards
  • Set of 33 Michael Jackson cards
287.Comic books:
  • Tom and Jerry
  • Mickey Mouse
  • Looney Tunes
  • Mickey Mouse
  • Uncle Scrooge
  • Donald Duck
288.Primos hunting rifle tripod.
289.Two fly fishing rods and Cabela's case:
  • Fenwick Streamer, SF9052-2, 5 weight, 3 1/4 oz.
  • Cabela's Sweetwater, CB127, 8 1/2", 6-7 wt  line
290.Cabela's XML series:
  • XCST 10040-2
  • 10' 
  • Line weight 8-15 lbs
  • Lure .3/8 - 1 oz.
291.Skyclipper kite, new in box. 34" long.
292.Top of the Line Triplane Airshow kite.
293.Rainbow Express Airshow Biplane Kite
294.Wooden sailboat, 15".
295.Two Smith & Hawkins trays, 15"W x 31"L x 2"D.
296.Craftsman table saw. Model # 32564.
297.Stanley mechanics tool set., 145-piece set.
298.Singer Fashion Mate sewing machine. Model # 7256.
299.Fishing lures and tray. 
300.Hodgman PVC/nylon hip waders with cleated sole. Size 10.
301.Fishing lures and tray. 
302.Fishing lures and tray. 
303.Fishing lures and tray. 
304.Fishing tackle and lures.
305.Yad Swifter IM7 Graphite rod with Abu Garcia Ambassedeur  5600 reel.
306.Two fishing rods:
  • Frabill
  • Lightening Rod, LRS562L 5'6" light spinning
307.Fishing tackle.
308.Otter Sled, 21" x 42".
309.Fishing tackle.
310.Fishing lures and tray.
311.Fishing lures and tray.
312.Cabela's Classic IM-6 graphite. PSP670-2M-2-N 7". Action medium. Reel is Pflueger Arbor with 8 bearing system # 7435.
313.Shakespeare Synergy Supreme rod. BC2956 1L, 5'6".  
Reel is Bantam Mag.
314.Comic books:
  • Two Tonto
  • Drum Beat
  • The Lone Ranger
  • Straight Arrow
  • Treasure Chest
  • Behold the Handmaid
315.Minnesota Twins Short Sleeve jersey, appears to be size large.
  • Old baseball glove
  • Cup with advertising, Doug Mientkiewicz, 2001
  • MN Vikings Adrian Peterson Hoodie, size Large
  • MN Vikings Reebok T shirt, size XL
318.Argus slide previewer.
Twenty three cassette tapes, some of which include:
  • ​Queen
  • The Allman Brothers Band
  • Paul Simon
  • Mick Sterling and the Stud Brothers
  • MN Twins MLB pullover jersey, size XL
  • MN Twins 1987 Sweatshirt, size unkown
  • MN Vikings Peterson, Favre, Allen Hoodie, size XL
  • Super Bowl 16 Sweatshirt, size unknown
321.CX20 RC Quadcopter Drone with GPS positioning, new in box. 
322.Red Wing small wing crock, with bailed handles.
323.Chamber pot. Has some hairline cracks and light crazing.
324.Logitech Wave keyboard, new in box.
325.Record albums, some of which include:
  • Donna Summer
  • Madonna
  • The Moody Blues
  • Daryl Hall & John Oates
  • The Police
  • And more
326.Record albums, some of which include:
  • Jim Nabors 
  • Roy Clark
  • Pink Floyd
  • Simon and Garfunkel
  • Carpenters
  • John Denver
  • And more
327.Record albums, some of which include:
  • Waylon Jennings
  • Creedence Clearwater
  • Simon & Garfunkel
  • Willie Nelson
  • Three Dog Night
  • Queen
  • And more
328.Brass shell casings about 7 pounds.
329.Brass shell casings about 7 pounds.
  • Sturdy basket with handles
  • Wooden horse with hinged legs
331.Sports cards.
332.Record case full of 45s, some of which include:
  • The Carpenters
  • Chuck Berry
  • Roy Orbison
  • The Miracles
  • Carole King
  • And more
333.Two cassette tape cases full of cassette tapes.
334.Koss Pro/4AA professional stereophones.
335.Wooden decorative planter with elephants, 15"H.
336.Cabela's crappie rod. 10'L.
337.Starflower Watt Ware bowl, 9" diameter.  Advertising inside reads "Let us Serve You  Inter=State Lumber Company."  (Note: There is an = sign between Inter and State. Other similar advertising bowls use a hyphen. See  Lot 115)
339.Two tires 20.5 x 80-10:
  • Hiway Master
  • Carlisle
340.Fishing net. Collapsible and has extension handle.
341.Plano tackle box with tackle.
342.Hummingbird LCR 4000 fish finder with mount.
343.Life jackets, throw cushions and dock bumpers. Tote not included.