Auction Details and Terms

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Annual Canoe, Kayak, and Paddle Board Auction - April 29th, 2017 at Midwest Mountaineering

Item Description
1.Blue Kayak
Bliss Stick
RAD 185
2.kayak - Klepper Aereus 17', with 4 paddles and 2 pads.
3.Orange Northwest Kayaks Seascape Expedition with hatch covers.
4.Blue Northwest Seascape Expedition Kayak with hatch covers.
5.Red Perception Eclipse Kayak.
6.Red Perception Eclipse Kayak.
7.Orange Wilderness Systems Tempest 170.
8.Red Perception Eclipse Kayak.
9.Silver Percelption Eclipse Kayak.
10.Red Perception Eclipse Kayak.
11.Green Canoe - Bell Infinity, with 2 paddles, 2 seat cushions, and life jacked.
12.Maroon and White C2 with 2 spray skirts, 2 portal covers, 2 sets of floatation pillows (1 single paddler and 1 double paddler) and book.
13.Blue Wenonah Canoe
Sundowner 17
Registered in MN
14.Mint green Current Designs Solstice GT.
15.Yellow Current Design Kayak
Savall GTS

Accessories:  Paddle-Skirt
Phoenix Kayak
Accessories:  Paddle, waterproof inflatable bag
17.Blue Perception Pirouette Kayak
Accessories:   Flotation Bags
Registration:  MN4539ZR
18.Yellow & Red Perception Kayak
Model: ARC
Accessories:  Floatation bags

Registration MN 8315HG
19.Natural Cedarstrip Homemade
Wilderness Tripper
Accessories:  portage paid and current tags
Handmade Canoe
Solo Model
21.Red Valley Nordcapp Kayak

Registration: 26762W (expired)
Accessories: 2 spray skirts, 1 hatch cover
22.Old Town (Penopscot) 16' - green, with rod holder and twart pack.
23.Red Wenonah Argosy Canoe, with foam seat.
24.Blue Mad River Slipper Canoe.
25.Wenonah Vagabond RX Canoe - Green, with kayak paddle, new yoke, and straps.
26.Yellow Mad River
Explorer Royalex 16
Accessories: Yolk
27.Blue Boreal Design 17'
​Dust skirt included
28.Kayak - Klepper Aereus 17', with 4 paddles and 2 pads.
29.Red Jackson Kayak

Accessories: ; Skirt, PFD, Foam for Customizing
30.Orange Old Town Twister Kayak with 1 paddle.
31.Orange Old Town Twister Kayak with 1 paddle.
32.Orange Old Town Twister Kayak with 1 paddle.
33.Orange Jackson Riviera Kayak with 1 paddle.
34.Orange Jackson Riviera Kayak with 1 paddle.
35.Orange Jackson Riviera Kayak with 1 paddle.
36.Orange Jackson Riviera Kayak with 1 paddle.
37.Orange Jackson Riviera Kayak with 1 paddle.
38.Orange Jackson Riviera Kayak with 1 paddle.
39.Old Town Orange Twister Kayak with 1 paddle.
40.Orange Old Town Twister Kayak.
41.Orange Old Town Twister Kayak.
42.Orange Old Town Twister Kayak.
43.Orange Old Town Twister Kayak.
44.Orange Old Town Twister Kayak.
45.Orange Old Town Twister Kayak.
46.White owner-built kayak from plans in Sea Kayaker Magazine. With spray skirt, skeg, hatch covers, and yellow foam seat insert.
47.Blue Old Town Loon 160T Kayak with cover.
48.Home Built 17'
Cedar Woody Canoe

Accessories:  foam blocks for roof rack
49.Green Fluid Solo (medium) with foam outfitting kit.
50.Red Fluid Dope Kayak with foam outfitting kit.
51.Light blue Pyrhana RotoBat Kayak, with spray skirt and paddle.
52.Blue Prijon Hurricane Kayak, with spray skirt & paddle.
53.White Fluid Medium Element Specialty Surf Kayak, with foam outfitting.
54.Green Bell Windfire Royex Canoe with seat cushion.
55.Green Wilderness Commander 140 with portage yoke.
56.Sand colored Mad River Revelation Canoe.
57.White Cedar Epoxy Kite Canoe
Spray skirt and pads
17' Grumman Canoe
Accessories:  4 paddles
61.Red Perception Chinook
62.Green Perception Sundance Kayak with sprayskirt.
63.Orange Jackson 2Fun Kayak.
64.Aluminum Radisson 14 ft. Canoe with 2 paddles and 2 seats.
65.Aluminum Sea Nymph Canoe
Model 17C
Accessories:  seat backs, 2 paddles
66.Alumicraft Quetico Canoe.
67.Red OldTown 16' Penobscot Canoe
68.Green Bell NorhSTar Canoe with 2 wooden paddles.
69.Blue Wilderness Kayak
Model:  Taunami 145
70.Blue Dagger Atlantis w/ spray skirt, and hatch cover.
71.Red Dagger Vortex Kayak with back strap and hip pads.
72.Blue Dagger Redline Kayak with back strap.
73.Light Brown Watercraft Canoe
74.Orange Mad River Tempest Canoe with boat cover.
75.Yellow Current Design Solstice Canoe
Accessories:  spray skirt
76.Red PeterBorough Canoe
Model 1492
accessories:  canoe stands
77.Red Discovery 169 Canoe.
78.Sand Mad River 16' Explorer Royalex
79.Red Old Town Discovery 164 Canoe.
80.Yellow Over White P&H Capella 173 Kayak.
81.Green NKD Romany Explorer Kayak.
82.Orange Wavesport Foreplay Kayak

Accessories:  paddle, helmet, gear bag, dry seat, dry top, booties, spray skirt
83.Aqua Eurokayak Kayak
Conquest/Costa Rica

Accessory:  airbag
84.Yellow owner-built Wee Lassie with double paddle and seat pan.
85.Green owner-built Wee Lassie with double paddle and seat pan.
86.Red Bell Wildfire Canoe.
87.Red Current Designs Kayak
Accessories:  Expedition spray skirt
88.Blue Wenongh Spirit II Canoe
Accessories:  voyager floatation bags (2)
89.Blue & Whie Romany Kayak with hatch cover & spray skirt.
90.Green Dagger Venture Canoe with skid plates, lining holes. Rio Grande mvd - An arctic Warrior.
91.Mango-colored Prijon Kodiak Kayak with skirt and paddle and rudder.
92.Red Wood Canvas Canoe.
93.Green Old Town Tripper with 2 paddles.
94.Olive-colored Grumman Double-ender Canoe with removable yoke, and 2 paddles.
95.White Eddyline Raven Kayak.
96.Red SEDA Glider

Accessories:  spray skirt
97.White/blue Alden 16
Accessories:  Oars
98.Blue & White Dagger Magellan Kayak
99.Red Wavesport Kayak
Disel 75
100.Black/Red Wave Sport Kayak
Ace 5.1
101.Yellow Current Design Squall Kayak with paddle skirt, travel skirt, pump, back cushion.
102.Red/Multi-colored Perception 3D kayak with LC-I Neoprene Skirt - Lg; Bomber Drytop - Lg; NRS Neo-Bibs - XL; NRS NEo Socks - Lg; and Vigor Helmet.
103.Yellow Mohawk 1980 16' Canoe with 2 aluminum paddles.
104.Yellow Valley Kaya Skerray RM Kayak with Quaser Neoprene Spray Skirt.
105.Silver Gruman G-17 Canoe.
106.Red Old Town Discovery 158 Canoe.
107.Natural Cedar strip canoe.
108.Yellow Riot Evasion 15.5 Kayak.
109.Green/blue Current Designs Vision 140 Kayak with paddle, car carrier, cockpit cover, cockpit skirt
110.White/Orange Current Designs Vision 140 Kayak with paddle, car carrier, cockpit cover, cockpit skirt
111.Red QCC 500 Kayak with skirt.
112.Green Old Town Kayak Loon 160T, with 2 paddles and kayak/canoe cart.
113.Almond-colored Bell Merlin Canoe.
114.Green Wenonah Prism Canoe.
115.Orange Wilderness Sysems Piccolo with paddle.
116.White Skin-on-frame W. Greenland Kayak.
117.Brown skin-on fram W. Greenland Kayak.
118.Green Dagger GT Kayak with skirt, helmet, and paddle
119.Cream-colored  Mad River Canoe Guide.
120.Green Solo Plus Winona canoe with yolk, yolk pad, and skid repair kit.
121.Red Old Town Penobscot Canoe.
122.Orange/red Dagger 6.9 Kayak with Werner bent paddle, skirt life jacket.
123.Lime green Pyranah Varun Kayak.
124.Alumacraft 17' Canoe. No owners card. Prior owner unavailable.
125.Blue/white/red WaveSport Z Kayak with skirt, airbags, and back strap.
126.Orange-ish Perception Prodigy 100 Kayak.
127.Yellow Current Design Squall Kayak with spray skirt.
128.Red Native Watercraft Ultimate 16 Tandem Kayak with seats and propel mechanism.
129.Orange P&H capella Kaya.
130.Multi-colored Current Designs Solana 100 Kayak.